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The Virginia Highlands Community College Board is comprised of nine community members who serve as an advisory board to the State Board for Community Colleges. Board members play a key role in the development and evaluation of programs and services that ensure VHCC remains responsive to community needs.

As the list below indicates, the Board includes three members appointed by the Bristol Virginia City Council, four members appointed by the Washington County Board of Supervisors, and two members appointed by the Smyth County Board of Supervisors. Each member is appointed for a four-year term and can serve for two consecutive terms.

Appointed by the City of Bristol

Ms. Catherine Brillhart, Vice Chair
Ms. Beth D. Rhinehart
Mr. James (Jamey) F. Rector, Jr.

Appointed by Smyth County

Ms. Kimberly R. Clark

Appointed by Washington County

Mr. Thomas (Tom) M. Hicok
Mr. Tony Miller
Mr. Joseph C. Straten, Chair
Dr. John Lentz

Growing our Local Economy: Building Dynamic Local Economies

  • Date: 09/27/2017 7:00 PM
  • Location: Keyser-Aday Theatre

Growing our Local Economy Presentation

This community presentation and discussion will describe alternative, locally-based economic development approaches that are working, and that strengthen both the economy and local communities. Open to all.

Kimber Lanning is a business owner, entrepreneur and local economy leader from Phoenix, Arizona. Her workshops in the region will highlight a wide range of tools, strategies and policy changes her organization has used to make independent businesses more competitive and to renew and revitalize small towns and rural communities.

For more information, please contact
Robert Kell at

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