VHCC Plant Sale

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VHCC Plant Sale

 Plants that Clean Spring 2017 Sale

For additional information, please contact Greenhouse Manager Heather Jeffreys at (276)739.2513.

 Fall 2016 Plants for Sale
at Treadwell-Jones Greenhouse
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Prices very based on size, and range from $3-$30

Latin Name Common Name Type
Assorted Succulent Arrangments Various succulent in Nice Containers Sun to partial shade 
Dieffenbachia 'Snow' Dumb Cane Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Aglaonema crispum 'Wishes' Pink Chinese Evergreen Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Alocasia x Amazonica 'Dwarf Amazonica' Alocasia Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Plectranthus amboinicus Cuban Oregano  Tender herb, flowering house plant 
Begonia bowerae Eyelash Begonia Rhizomatus, likes partial sun/shade, don't overwater
Begonia rex 'Kotobuki' Fancy-Leaf Begonia Outdoors until frost, medium light houseplant
Selenicereus anthonyanus Zig Zag Cactus Shade to semi-sun forest cactus
Spathiphyllum sp.  Peace Lily Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Ficus robusta 'Tineke' Variegated Rubber Plant Medium light, air-filtering houseplant, can reach 8' indoors
Crassula ovata 'Ogre Ears' Shrek Ears Jade Semi-sun succulent, great indoor plant
Crassula ovata Jade plant Semi-sun succulent, great indoor plant
Musa cavendishii Dwarf Banana High light, air-filtering houseplant
Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk Island Pine High light, air-filtering houseplant, outside to 32F
Gasteria bicolor 'Ox Tongue' Ox Tongue Release oxygen at night, semi-sun houseplant 
Aloe vera 'Chinensis' Aloe vera Release oxygen at night, semi-sun houseplant 
Disocactus × hybridus Orchid Cactus Beautiful blooms, shade-loving forest cactus
Anthurium andraeanum Anthurium  Semi-sun, needs humidity.
Philodendron selloum Lacy Tree Philodendron Semi-shade, air-filtering houseplant with beautiful leaves
Maranta leuconeura Prayer Plant Semi-sun to shade air-filtering houseplant
Echeveria spp. Assorted sizes, shapes, colors Delightful succulent varieties 
Sempirvirum Hens & Chicks Hardy succulent for outdoor and indoors
Sedum spp. Assorted sizes, shapes, colors Delightful succulent varieties 
Albuca bracteata Ornamental Pregnant Onion Medium-light houseplant, delightful baby onions fill pot
Cymbopogon citratus Lemongrass  Herb, outdoor or indoor perennial
Tradescantia zebrina Wandering Jew Metallic-looking leaves, vining houseplant 
Tradescantia spathacea Moses in the Cradle Medium-high light, flowering houseplant, upright habit 
Plectranthus scutellarioides Pink & Green Coleus High light, outdoors until frost
Thymus vulgaris Thyme  Herb, outdoor perennial 
Mentha piperita Chocolate Mint  Herb, outdoor perennial 
Sarracenia purpurea 'Venosa Red' Purple Pitcher Plant Carnivorous plant 
Epipremnum aureum  Golden Pothos  Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Syngonium podophyllum Arrowhead vine Vining, Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Pilea spruceana 'Norfolk' Norfolk Friendship Plant  Metallic-looking leaves, semi-shade houseplant
Bryophyllum daigremontianum Mother-of-Thousands Semi-sun to bright light, succulent
Tradescantia pallida 'Purpurea' Purple Heart Sprawling habit, grows most vigorously and has the richest color in full sun, but it will tolerate some shade.
Codiaeum variegatum pictum Croton High to Medium light, outdoors until frost
Assorted Sizes, Shapes, and Colors Sedum Jelly bean-like leaves, various shapes ands sizes
Aechmea fasciata Silver Urn Plant Bromeliad, Medium light, air-filtering houseplant
Sanseveria trifasciata Snake Plant Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Kalanchoe tomentosa Panda Plant Fuzzy blue succulent with red edges, easy to grow
Crassula tetragona Minature Pine Tree Can reach 2' tall, prolific white flowers, hardy to 28F
Mammillaria elongata Lady Fingers Endemic to Mexico
Portulacaria afra Elephant Bush Can survive light frosts, drought-tolerant.
Sanseveria cylindrica Cyclindrical Snake Plant Shade-loving, air-filtering houseplant 
Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' Corn Plant Semi-shade to bright light can reach a height of 10'+
Agave tequilana Blue Agave  bat pollinated, tequila industry led to genetic diversity loss