Teacher Recertification Courses

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Teacher Recertification Courses at VHCC
VHCC is proud to be your community college and pleased to offer a long list of affordable courses taught online, in the evening or through a combination of online and on-campus hybrid sessions. Please check with your principal to ensure courses meet recertification requirements prior to enrolling.

Fall 2017 -  Download the Brochure - [pdf] 







Face-to-Face Evening/Weekend Courses 
Offered evenings on the VHCC campus or in off-campus classroom space. All courses listed here begin at 4 p.m. or later. The schedule is subject to change. Please go the Fall 2017 link at www.vhcc.edu/schedule for exact start times and locations or to view a complete listing of all classes offered.

ACC 211-20 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 221-20 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 231-20 Cost Accounting I
ART 125-20 Introduction To Painting
ASL 101-71 American Sign Language I
ASL 201-71 American Sign Language III
BIO 101-S21 General Biology I
BIO 141-20 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
CHD 120-20 Introduction To Early Childhood Education
CHD 205-20 Guiding The Behavior of Children
DRF 161-20 Blueprint Reading I
DSL 143-20 Diesel Truck Electrical Systems
DSL 152-20 Diesel Power Trains, Chassis, and Suspension
DSL 160-20 Air Brake Systems
DSL 176-20 Transportation Air Conditioning
EDU 235-20 Health Safety and Nutrition Education
EMS 242-01 ALS Clinical Internship III
EMS 243-01 ALS Field Internship III
GOL 105-20 Physical Geology
HLT 105-71 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLT 105-72 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLT 105-73 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLT 105-74 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLT 106-71 First Aid and Safety (American Red Cross)
HRT 205-20 Soils
HRT 225-20 Nursery and Garden Center Management
HRT 260-20 Introduction To Floral Design
INS 110-20 Principles of Instrumentation
ITE 115-20 Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts
ITN 106-20 Microcomputer Operating Systems
MEC 140-20 Introduction to Mechatronics
MEC 161-20 Basic Fluid Mechanics
PED 129-20 Self-Defense
PED 130-06 Beginning Motorcycle Riding
PED 130-07 Beginning Motorcycle Riding
PSY 230-20 Developmental Psychology
PSY 231-20 Life Span Human Development
PSY 232-20 Life Span Human Development II 

Please Note: Courses listed with the symbol are 10-week compressed courses that begin September 26.

Online Courses
Offered completely online. No on-campus sessions are required. Go to the Fall 2017 link at www.vhcc.edu/schedule for start dates.

ART 202-40 History of Art II 
AST 101-40 Keyboarding I
AST 107-40 Editing/Proofreading Skills
AST 114-40 Keyboarding For Information Processing
AST 154-40 Introduction to Voice Recognition Software
AST 205-40 Business Communications
AST 230-40 Intro to Office Technology (AST 230)
AST 232-40 Microcomputer Office Applications
AST 238-40 Word Processing Advanced Operations
AST 271-40 Medical Office Procedures I
BIO 102-40 General Biology II
BIO 145-40 Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences
BIO 256-40 Introductory Genetics
BUS 205-40 Human Resource Management
CHI 101-E05A Beginning Chinese
CHI 102-E05A Beginning Chinese II
CST 100-40 Principles of Public Speaking
ECO 201-40 Principles of Economics I
ECO 202-40 Principles of Economics II
ENG 111-40 College Composition I
ENG 111-41 College Composition I 
ENG 112-40 College Composition II
ENG 112-41 College Composition II 
ENG 211-40 Creative Writing I
ENG 241-40 Survey of American Literature I
ENG 243-40 Survey of English Literature I
FRE 101-E05A Beginning French I
FRE 102-E05A Beginning French II
FRE 201-E05A Intermediate French I
FRE 202-E05A Intermediate French II
GEO 210-40 People and The Land
GEO 230-E05L Political Geography
GEO 230-E70L Political Geography
GER 101-E05W Beginning German I
GER 101-E80W Beginning German I
GER 102-E05W Beginning German II
GER 102-E80W Beginning German II
GER 201-E05W Intermediate German I
GER 201-E80W Intermediate German I
GER 202-E05W Intermediate German II
GER 202-E80W Intermediate German II
GIS 200-EJ01 Geographical Information Systems I
GIS 201-E05L Geographical Information Systems II
GOL 111-E05L Oceanography I
GOL 112-E05L Oceanography II
HIM 130-40 Healthcare Information Systems
HIM 150-40 Health Records Management
HIM 151-40 Reimbursement Issues in Medical Practice Management
HIS 121-40 United States History I
HIS 122-40 United States History II
HLT 110-40 Concepts of Personal & Community Health

HLT 121-40 Introduction To Drug Use and Abuse 
HLT 143-40 Medical Terminology I
HLT 230-40 Principles of Nutrition & Human Development
ITD 110-40 Web Page Design I
ITE 115-40 Intro to Computer Applications & Concepts
ITE 115-42 Intro to Computer Applications & Concepts
ITE 119-40 Information Literacy
ITE 150-40 Desktop Database Software
ITE 182-40 User Support/Help Desk Principles
ITP 140-40 Client-Side Scripting
JPN 101-E062 Beginning Japanese I
JPN 102-E05N Beginning Japanese II
LGL 225-E05A Estate Planning and Probate
MTH 126-40 Mathematics For Allied Health
MTH 141-40 Business Mathematics I
MTH 146-40 Intro To Elem Statistics
MTH 154-40 Quantitative Reasoning
MTH 163-40 Precalculus I
MTH 241-40 Statistics I
MUS 121-40 Music Appreciation I
MUS 122-40 Music Appreciation II
NAS 125-E05L Meteorology
PHI 100-40 Introduction to Philosophy 
PHT 101-E05W Photography I
PHT 101-E50W Photography I
PHT 101-E60W Photography I
PHY 150-E05L Elements of Astronomy
PLS 211-40 U.S. Government I
PSY 200-40 Principles of Psychology
PSY 230-40 Developmental Psychology
PSY 231-40 Life Span Human Development
PSY 232-40 Life Span Human Development II 
PSY 235-40 Child Psychology
REA 100-E05N Principles of Real Estate
REL 200-40 Survey of The Old Testament
REL 230-40 Religions of The World
RUS 101-E05N Beginning Russian I
RUS 101-E50N Beginning Russian I
RUS 102-E05N Beginning Russian II
RUS 102-E50N Beginning Russian II
SOC 200-40 Principles of Sociology
SOC 235-40 Juvenile Delinquency
SPA 101-40 Beginning Spanish I
SPA 163-E05W Spanish for Health Professionals I
SPA 163-E60W Spanish for Health Professionals I
SPA 164-E05W Spanish for Health Professionals II
SPA 201-E05W Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 201-E60W Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 201-E80W Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202-E05W Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 202-E80W Intermediate Spanish II
TRV 100-E40N Introduction To The Travel Industry

Please Note: Courses listed with the ≈ symbol are 10-week compressed courses that begin on September 26.


Hybrid Classes
(Both online and on-campus sessions required. Go to the Fall 2017 link at www.vhcc.edu/schedule  for start dates).

AGR 141-50 Introduction to Animal Science and Technology
AGR 142-50 Introduction to Plant Science and Technology
BIO 101-50 General Biology I
BIO 141-50 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BUS 100-50 Introduction To Business
EMS 151-50 Introduction to Advanced Life Support
EMS 152-50 Advanced EMT Completion
EMS 153-50 Basic ECG Recognition
HIM 113-50 Medical Terminology and Disease Processes I
HIM 253-50 Health Records Coding
ITN 154-50 Networking Fundamentals - CISCO
MKT 100-50 Principles of Marketing

Affordable. Flexible. Close to Home.
VHCC is proud to offer quality education programs at a fraction of the cost of most four-year colleges and universities. In fact, tuition is less than half of most four-year colleges & universities in our region, and residents of Tennessee’s Sullivan and Johnson counties receive a special rate that is just slightly higher than the in-state rate. Affordable, close to home, flexible scheduling. What more could you ask for?

The VHCC Division of Workforce Training & Continuing Education
(276) 739-2430 • workforce@vhcc.edu  
Please go to www.vhcc.edu/schedule to view the full class schedule.

Please note that tuition is set by the State Board for Community Colleges and
the rates listed above are subject to change.

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