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Other Fees, Charges and Fines

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In accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Board for Community Colleges, the College has established the following fees:

1. Student Testing Fees -

Students shall not be charged for credit by exam.

2. Community Education/Public Service -

Fees shall be established for Community Education and Community Service offerings equal to or greater than the direct cost of such offerings plus 30% for administrative overhead support.

3. Technology Fee -

The State Board for Community Colleges approved the technology fee to $5.50 per credit hour. The funds will be used to finance major improvements in information technology at Virginia’s community colleges.

4. Other Fees and Charges -

A Student Activity fee ($1 per credit hour) is required for all students registered for credit classes. The fee subsidizes student activities and cultural events, including the Arts Array/Film Series. VHCC students receive free admission to all of these events.

5. General -

Certain other fees, such as a fee for parking, may be authorized on an individual basis by special action of the VHCC Board.

Students who damage or lose school property (laboratory or shop equipment, supplies, library materials, etc.) are expected to pay for such losses. In addition students may be expected to pay fines for overdue library books, improper parking or other infractions as determined by the College administration with approval of the Virginia Community College Systems Offices.

Transcripts, certificates, diplomas or degrees will not be issued nor will a student be permitted to enroll until payments due to the business office, bookstore, or library have been paid in full.

6. Books and Materials -

Students are expected to purchase all books, supplies, consumable materials that they will use in their classes and studies. The estimated cost of these items will usually average between $200 to $250 per semester for a full-time student. Visually impaired and learning disabled students can arrange for textbooks on tape through Project EXCEL.

7. Student Field Trips -

All students participating in field trips will be responsible for related expenses, including transportation charges. Student activity funds will cover costs associated with official student activity trips.

8. Purchase of Tools -

All students pursuing a curriculum requiring the use of hand tools are required to furnish their tools. The College will furnish specialized tools that an employer normally would provide for a mechanic or technician.

The one exception to this policy is students who are required to take a course in Machine Shop Practices as a minor part of their total program and are not pursuing a course for ultimate employment as a machinist. These students are required to furnish the less expensive hand tools. The College tool room has available the other hand tools such as micrometers, combination sets, etc., in sufficient quantity to meet their needs. The fact that these tools are available in the tool room does not in any way relieve the student in the regular machine shop programs from the responsibility of furnishing his/her own hand tools.