Recommended Apps

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  • PocketMoney - Personal finance manager includes accounting and budgeting.

Physical Education

  • Virtual Trainer - Create a fitness journal, includes over 120 programs ranging from 6 - 60 minutes.
  • AccuTERRA- View on demand maps and GPS tracker.
  • ExcerciseTV - Daily full length workout videos ranging from 10-45 minutes.


Biology & Chemistry


  • Constitution - View the Constitution by Article and Amendments
  • History Maps - View high resolution historical maps from US, Europe, Americas
  • iHistory - provides a comprehensive look at the world we live in covering art, cities, people, and inventions.




Art and Creativity

  • PS Mobile - Photoshop Mobile app
  • Sketchbook X - Drawing and Painting app
  • Whack Pack - Creativity tool from based off of the best selling Creative Whack Pack card deck


  • iStehoscope Pro - Hear normal lung and bowel sounds.
  • Case Hx - Learn how to obtain a medical history and perform a physical exam. Tabs along the chart for easy reference so as not to leave out important data.
  • Health Assessment - Flashcards to help students with retention of health assessment terminology and content.