Dual Enrollment in High School

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Dual Enrollment Classes in High School

Dual-credit agreements established between Virginia Highlands Community College and regional school divisions are designed to award college credit to high school students who, prior to graduation, successfully complete designated college-level courses.  Qualified students are both high school students and Virginia Highlands Community College students. 

These designated courses are carefully reviewed to assure that high school students achieve all college-level competencies and that all faculty in charge of the classes hold the standard Southern Association of Colleges & Schools teaching credentials. It is very important to remember that dual enrollment courses taught in the high schools hold the same rigor as any other college level course. Students are expected to perform at the same level as their college counterparts participating in the same courses on campus.

What courses are taught at the High School I attend?

Courses offered at each high school and career & technology center varies. You can access the list of courses offered at your school along with those of the career & technology centers by clicking on the school links on the main dual enrollment homepage.

Who is Eligible?
In order to be eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program, high school students must have a past academic record that strongly reflects an ability to be successful in college level courses, have permission from their parent or guardian to participate, be recommended by their high school principal to cross register, and meet all course prerequisites. Students planning to take an English, Biology, or Math course must have fulfilled the following requirements.

Students planning to take English or Biology Students planning to take Math
SAT Critical Reading - 520 Met course prerequisites
SAT Writing - 520 SAT Math - 520 - MTH 241 only


Students planning to take English or Biology Students planning to take Math
ACT Composition - 22 ACT Math - 22 - MTH 241 only
ACT Verbal - 22

or take the VHCC ASSET or COMPASS Placement test to verify their readiness for these courses.

What is the Cost?
High School students taking dual enrollment courses in the high schools:

School systems will pay student tuition directly to the college. Students may be charged a certain amount by the school system to help cover their tuition cost. Textbooks must be approved by the college, but will be provided by the school system. At the present time, students enrolled in dual enrolled classes in the Smyth County Public Schools and Bristol Virginia Public Schools pay no fees. Washington County Public Schools requires its students to pay a certain amount per credit hour.

High School students taking dual enrollment courses on the VHCC campus:

Students will be responsible for their tuition payment and providing their own textbooks. Tuition payments an be made in the VHCC Business Office and textbooks can be purchased at the bookstore. There are tuition deadlines for each semester so make sure you get your tuition paid before these dates or you will be withdrawn from all the classes you have registered for.

Can Dual Enrollment Students Qualify for Financial Aid?

Dual Enrollment students are not eligible to apply for state and federal financial aid.

Exception: Dual Enrollment students taking classes on the main VHCC campus may be eligible to apply for tobacco scholarship monies. Please contact the Admissions Office to find out if you might be eligible.

Who Teaches Dual Enrollment Classes in the High Schools?

Teaching faculty for dual enrollment classes taught in the high schools are considered VHCC adjunct faculty, meeting credential requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Virginia Community College System in their discipline.

Will Dual Enrollment Courses Transfer?

Virginia Highlands Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Normally, academic courses intended for transfer with a grade of "C" or above will transfer to institutions of higher education. A transfer agreement between the Community College System and most state four year colleges and universities is in place, however this does not guarantee that the course will transfer to all four year institutions. Community college occupational/technical course credits earned are applicable to specific curricula and are intended to prepare students for employment in those areas. While some of these courses may be accepted for transfer, no unified policy on the transfer of VCCS occupational/ technical courses exists. Students should consult with the transfer institution they plan to attend after graduation to determine if their courses will be accepted for transfer.

Can Student Performance Prohibit you from Continuing in the Program?

Virginia Highlands Community College reserves the right to advise the student, parents, and school system regarding academic progress if the student does not have sufficient skills or abilities to continue in the course selected after the first semester.

Are Dual Enrollment Courses Equvalent to Courses Taught on Campus?

The college has the responsibility to ensure that all courses taught through the Dual Enrollment Program in area high schools are equivalent to other instruction offered by the college. Dual-enrolled students shall be evaluated under the same method of assessment used for students traditionally enrolled in the College's programs. Assessment may include instructor evaluations and student satisfaction surveys.