Classified Staff Time Record and Leave Form Instructions

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In an effort to improve the proper completion of time records and leave forms, instructions have been posted for these forms. These instructions may be reached by clicking the appropriate link below.

The most common errors on these forms are:

  1. Failure to complete and submit the forms in a timely manner to the supervisor and to Payroll;
  2. Failure to properly date and sign the forms;
  3. Failure to have supervisor initial any corrections made to time cards and leave forms;
  4. Errors in computing hours worked and converting hours and minutes to tenths of an hour;
  5. The time cards and leave forms do not match;
  6. Holidays and official college closings are not properly noted on time cards.

Please review these instructions to ensure that you are following proper procedure in completion of these forms.

Classified Staff Time Record on the Z:\ Drive

Leave Form (Application for Leave of Absence)

Compensatory/Overtime Leave Earned Form