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Payroll Documentation Checklist for New Hourly and Adjunct Employees

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Please note that all forms must be completed in ink. Correction fluid may not be used on any form. The Payroll Office is happy to provide the packet of payroll forms for all new hires.

  1. “VHCC Notification and Disclosure” (background check) Form. Except in unusual situations, the background check process is to be completed prior to the first day of actual employment by a new hire (this includes all employees except work-study students).To accomplish this, please have the proposed employee complete and sign the Background Check Notification and Disclosure form at the time of the discussion of an employment offer and immediately submit the completed form to the Human Resource office. New employees should be notified that the employment offer is conditional upon receipt of satisfactory results from the background check. The company that conducts our background checks is averaging a three to five business day turnaround from the time that VHCC inputs the request and so this should not create a significant delaying factor in the hiring process.

  2. Commonwealth of Virginia Application for Employment (DHRM Form 10-012). Please ensure that the employee has completed and signed the form and properly dated the signature. Other especially important sections to check are questions 12.g. (eligibility to be employed under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986) and 12.j. (conviction for any violation of law).

  3. Employee Direct Deposit Authorization. Employee must print his/her full name, sign and date the form, and staple a voided check to the form. Deposit slips cannot be used. If a voided check is not attached, the employee must take the form to their financial institution for completion. All employees with a hire date of August 1, 2008 or later are required to receive their net pay by electronic deposit.

  4. Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. A series of I-9 audits have been performed in recent months and these audits will continue for the foreseeable future. A number of common errors have been identified in audited agencies and some valuable information has been shared to allow other agencies to review their procedures. Some important items to note:

    1. All employers are required to use the new form with the revision date of 03/08/2013 in the lower left-hand corner of the form. This is the form available in the VHCC Payroll Office. If you are making copies of an older version, please discard and get the current form from the Payroll Office. All fields in section 1 are to be completed by the new employee.  Section 1 of the I-9 is to be completed, signed and dated by the new employee prior to or on the first day of work, but not before accepting a job offer.

    2. Section 2 of the I-9 is to be completed by the employer’s representative before or within three business days of new employee hire date.  After accepting employment, new hires are required to complete an I-9 form and present documentation of their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Effective June 1, 2011, Virginia Highlands Community College will use the E-Verify system to confirm identity and work authorization. This means that the HR/Payroll Office will be required to key the information from the I-9 for each new employee into the E-Verify system within three days of the employee’s hire date. To allow the College to meet this required deadline, properly completed I-9’s must be submitted to the HR/Payroll Office no later than the third day of work for each new hire.

    3. The employer’s representative is to examine one document from List A or one document from List B and one document from List C. No more, no less. Reviewing more documents than legally required can result in being fined for discrimination.

    4. Use the first day of actual work as the employment begin date in the “Certification” section.

    5. If the employee cannot present the necessary documents for Section 2 within three days (because the documents have been lost, stolen or destroyed), he or she must present a receipt for the application for the replacement document within three days of hire. The employee then has 90 days from date of hire to present the actual documents.

    6. Who should sign the I-9 on behalf of the employer? …Whoever saw the original documents. Do not use copies or faxes to complete the I-9, use original documents only. Do not use Social Security cards that have any wording other than the employee’s name on it.

    7. Do not back date the forms.

    8. Do not use white out on the forms. Draw a single line through incorrect information and date and initial the correction.

    9. The agency may be fined from $110 to $1,100 for each employee for whom the Form I-9 was not properly completed, retained and/or made available for inspection.

  5. Form W-4. Ensure that the employee has completed all sections of the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate and has signed and dated the form. A common omission in the completion of this form is checking the marital status in section 3 and filling in the total number of allowances claimed in section 5.

  6. Form VA-4. Ensure that the employee has completed all sections of the Employee’s Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate and has signed and dated the form. Check Line 1 on the Certificate to ensure that the employee has filled in the total number of exemptions claimed.

  7. Summary of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs. The employee must print his/her name, sign and date the Certificate of Receipt at the bottom of the form.

  8. Child Support Income Withholding Order Disclosure. The employee must check either “yes” or “no” indicating whether or not he/she is currently under an income withholding order for child support. Ensure that the employee has signed and dated the form.

  9. Copy of the Employee's Social Security Card.  HR/Payroll requires a copy of the employee's social security card for payroll purposes only to ensure compliance with IRS requirements.

  10. VCCS Employment Certification and Notice of Part-Time Hours. For wage employees this form will be distributed when the hourly authorization is issued. For adjunct faculty this form is included on the adjunct faculty checklist.