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When trying to select ring type only one or two selections are listed.
You have to select which line you want to change, then the 30 different ring sounds will appear.

Random calls may have annoying echo.
Solution. None at this time. Hang up and try the call again.
Resolution. This is very rare and if it happens often, send a note to the help desk with info such as time, date, incoming or outgoing call and the number.

Can pick up a co-worker's phone from your phone.
Solution. Pick up your handset, Press the More key once, then press the PickUp key, then press the Answer key. If this still doesn't work, call Glen Johnson at extension 2467 and ask that he check to make sure you are both in the same pick-up group.

Note: A request to Cisco has been placed to have the PickUp and New Call keys reversed so that the pickup would be on the main menu.