Student Comments

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Here are just a few of the comments from students who have taken dual enrollment courses over the 15 years the program has been in existence . These comments represent the student’s feelings after one semester at the college or university they chose to attend.

  • I believe it is the best thing I did during my high school years. My dual enrolled classes in some cases were more demanding that my regular college courses.
  • It was the structure of the class itself. It gave me a taste of college before I ever got there so I was much better prepared than many other students.
  • I was better prepared to write papers and didn’t have to worry if I had done them correctly.
  • I would recommend this program to any student college bound. It will truly give you a taste of the work ethics you need in college!
  • I feel as if this was a wonderful opportunity for seniors to get a jump start into college life. I only wished more dual enrollment classes were offered to me besides the English and Biology.
  • It was very helpful in my preparation for college classes! I would recommend it to anyone who plans to attend college.
  • I’m glad I took dual enrolled calculus in high school. It was easier to learn and understand in that setting than it would have been in a college classroom, where I was just considered "a number". I also was able to get all my required math classes out of the way, which I love!
  • I appreciate the fact that VHCC has made the dual enrollment available to the students at Abingdon High School. Students are at different levels and the ability for each one to be at the level they feel most prepared for is characteristic of a great high school that truly prepares you for college. I personally feel totally prepared for college with the help of VHCC and Abingdon High School.
  • I was really glad that I took dual enrollment classes. I was able to get courses out of the way before I went to college. If I had to do it over again, I would take more dual enrolled classes.
  • I think it is a very beneficial program. A lot of the students I have encountered in college had gone to schools that offered numerous AP classes or International Baccalaureate Programs which = lots of transfer credits and good prep for college. I was thankful that I had the eight credits from my dual enrollment Geology course - - and actually wished I could have taken more. The more dual enrollment courses offered the better- - I highly recommend them. Students in Southwest Va. desperately need a more competitive edge- - dual enrollment is probably one of the best ways to make progress towards meeting this need.
  • It is an excellent program and prepared me well for college.
  • If I could, I would tell everyone that dual enrollment is one of the best opportunities we have here and to "go for it". I went into VT with 30 credits (dual enrolled courses + 3 AP) and my freshman year is done!!
  • Excellent class. Allowed students to get a feel of what a college level class is about.
  • Excellent introduction to college expectations.
  • Without dual enrollment I would probably be making bad grades due to class overload.
  • It greatly helped my study habits and preparing me for college. It was very beneficial for me.
  • It is an excellent program that more students, not just the straight "A" students, need to be encouraged to take in high school. It saves time and money when students begin college.
  • The course was very helpful in teaching me Calculus and was an excellent way to save on the expenses of classes at a university. I would definitely take the class over again.
  • The dual enrollment courses that I took gave me a good idea of what to expect when I went to college. They helped me to understand what would be expected of me as a college student.