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Dual Enrollment classes from the VHCC campus

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Dual Enrollment classes from the VHCC campus

A high school student who chooses to come onto the VHCC campus to take classes will be required to meet the same course prerequisite requirements as all VHCC students.

High school students:

  1. Must complete a VHCC application.
  2. Must provide a letter of permission from their high school principal to take classes on campus.
  3. If taking an English, Biology, or Math course, you must take the COMPASS Placement Test OR provide Official SAT or ACT scores that reflect the required scores.
  4. Registration for dual enrolled students should be completed in the VHCC Admissions Office. Online enrollment is not available to high school dual enrolled students. High school students should work with Coordinator of Dual Enrollment or the Director of Admissions to complete the enrollment and registration process.
  5. Class attendance is a very important part of being successful in any college level course. Dual enrolled students who develop a habit of cutting classes with no excuses could lose their privilege of taking classes on campus. Your high schools principal will be notified when excessive absenteeism is reported by one of your college instructors.
  6. You are responsible for full tuition payment for all courses taken. Please make sure you pay by the due date or you will be backed out of the classes you were previously registered for. If by chance the classes are full when we try to re-register you, you will not be able to register for that particular class again, unless the instructor will allow you to do so.