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The college transfer programs include first- and second-year courses in arts and sciences and pre-professional courses that transfer to four-year colleges and universities. A number of four-year degree programs are available on the campus of VHCC through the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) which was established in 1991 to provide expanded educational opportunities for the citizens of the region. For additional information contact the SVHEC at 276-619-4300 or

Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree programs are designed with two primary goals in mind: (1) to offer the student a widely accepted program of general preparation for upper-division work in his/her chosen professional field, stressing a balance of required courses common to most baccalaureate degree programs; and (2) to offer maximum flexibility so that the student may select specific courses that may be required at the college or university to which transfer is contemplated.

Guaranteed Admissions Agreement
Through system-wide negotiated agreements, students who graduate from Virginia Highlands Community College with an associate’s degree and a minimum grade point average are guaranteed admission to 23 of the Commonwealth’s four-year colleges and universities. For more information, visit the online tool located at or contact the Student Success Center (276-739-2438).

Minimum High School Requirements or Equivalents for College Transfer Programs 

4 units of English 
3 units of college preparatory mathematics 
1 unit of laboratory science 
1 unit of social studies

College Transfer Programs

Associate of Arts & Sciences (AA&S) 

Business Administration 
Business Administration - Specialization in Business Information Technology
Education – Specialization in Art 
Education - Specialization in Teacher Preparation 
Education – Specialization in Theatre Arts 
General Studies 
Liberal Arts 
Science - Specialization in Engineering
Science - Specialization in Horticulture

Certificate (C)

General Education


General Education Core Curriculum for Transfer

English Composition

ENG 111-112 College Composition I-II

ENG 210 Advanced Composition

Humanities: Study of human culture

ART 201-202 History of Art I-II

CST 130 Introduction to Theater

CST 151-152 Film Appreciation I-II

ENG 241-242 Survey of American Literature I-II

ENG 243-244 Survey of English Literature I-II

ENG 251-252 Survey of World Literature I-II

MUS 121-122 Music Appreciation I-II

PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 260 Studies in Eastern Thinking

REL 200 Old Testament

REL 210 New Testament

REL 230 Religions of the World

Foreign Language – any 200 level course*

*100 level foreign language courses may not be used to satisfy the humanities graduation requirement in programs where only one humanities course is required. In programs with two humanities courses, only one 100 level foreign language course may be used to satisfy the humanities graduation requirement.


MTH 151-152 Liberal Arts Math I-II

(MTH 151 is NOT a prerequisite for MTH 152)

MTH 158 College Algebra

MTH 163-164PrecalculusI-II

MTH 173-174 CalculusI-II

MTH 241-242 StatisticsI-II

MTH 271-272 Applied CalculusI-II

MTH 275 Multivariable Calculus

MTH 277 Vector Calculus

MTH 279 Ordinary Differential Equations

MTH 285 Linear Algebra

MTH 286 Discrete Mathematics

Natural Science

BIO 101-102 BiologyI-II

BIO 141-142 Human Anatomy & PhysiologyI-II

CHM 101-102 General Chemistry (non-science majors)I-II

CHM 111-112 College ChemistryI-II

CHM 241-242/243-244 Organic ChemistryI-II

GOL 105 Physical Geology

GOL 106 Historical Geology

NAS 131-132 AstronomyI-II

PHY 121-122 Principles of Physics I-II

PHY 201-202 General College Physics I-II

PHY 231-232 General University Physics I-II

PHY 241-242 University Physics I-II

Social Science: Study of relationships within a society

ECO 201-202 Principles of Economic I-II

GEO 210 People and the Land: Intro Cultural Geography

GEO 220 World Regional Geography

HIS 101 or higher (History courses)

PLS 135 or higher (Political Sciences courses)

PSY 200 or higher (Psychology courses)

SOC 200 Principles of Sociology

SOC 215 Sociology of the Family

SOC 268 Social Problems


All PED Activity Courses (Physical Education Courses)


HLT 106 First Aid and Safety

HLT 110 Personal & Community Health

HLT 230 Nutrition and Human Development

Transfer Electives:

Any 3-5 credit courses listed above under English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, or Wellness

ACC 211-212 Principles of Accounting I-II

ART 121 Drawing

ART 125 Introduction to Painting

ART 131 Fundamentals of Design

ART 134Three Dimensional Design

ASL 101-102 Sign Language I-II

BIO 120Zoology

BIO 215 Plant Life of Virginia

BIO 151-152 Human Gross Anatomy I-II

BIO 205 Microbiology

BIO 256 Genetics

BIO 278 Coastal Ecology

CST 131-132 Acting I-II

CST 145 Stagecraft

ENG 211 Creative Writing

ENG 250 Children’s Literature

Foreign Language – any foreign language course

GOL 225 Environmental Geology

HRT 115 Plant Propagation

HRT 226 Greenhouse Management

HRT 227 Professional Landscape Management

HRT 247 Indoor Plants

HRT 260 Introduction to Floral Design

HRT 275 Landscape Construction and Maintenance

SOC 200 or higher (Sociology courses)

Note:  Students may petition the division dean to count a class not listed above as a transfer elective.  They must provide evidence that the class is accepted at the institution to which they plan to transfer.

Transfer Tool

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has implemented an online tool designed to clearly identify which courses will transfer from Virginia community colleges to four-year institutions. The SCHEV Transfer Tool is available at (click on SCHEV Transfer Tool). 







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