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Admission to specific courses is approved only when the student meets the prerequisite requirements or has instructor approval for the course.

  1. All students must pass VHCC placement tests in reading and writing before entry into the first college level English composition course.
  2. Enrollment in Biology 101 requires reading and writing scores appropriate for placement into ENG 111. Enrollment in Biology 141 requires reading scores appropriate for placement into ENG 111
  3. All students must complete VHCC placement tests in math before entry into any math course.
  4. Virginia Placement Test –Mathematics Scores are required for enrollment in any chemistry course above CHM 05.
  5. Students who bypass this policy and register for an English or mathematics, biology or chemistry class without appropriate placement scores are subject to administrative withdrawal.
  6. Students may not retest any portion of the placement test without written approval from a counselor or English/math faculty member. Policy requires that students requesting a retest meet specified criteria identified in the next section.
  7. Students who have submitted SAT or ACT scores may be exempt from the English and mathematics placement test. SAT scores of at least 500 on both verbal and writing tests and/or an ACT sore of 21 on both English and verbal tests exempts the student from the reading and writing placement tests.  SAT math score of at least 520 or ACT score of at least 22 from a test within the last two years exempts a student from all developmental courses in mathematics and allows enrollment into MTH 241 and all other math courses with numbers below MTH 170. Enrollment in courses higher than MTH 170 requires completion of the Virginia Placement Test – Mathematics testing to determine proper placement.
Last updated: 3/7/2014 1:30:21 PM