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All students are classified according to the following categories:

  1. Curricular Student
    A student who has a high school diploma, a GED, or the ability to benefit is designated as a curricular student when all of the information required for general admission to the College has been submitted to the Office of Admissions and when the individual has been admitted to one of the curricula of the College.
  2. Non-Curricular Student
    A non-curricular student is one who is not formally admitted to one of the curricula but is classified according to the following student goals or conditions.
  1. Upgrading Employment Skills for Present Job
    Student is employed and seeking to upgrade skills for a current job.
  2. Developing Skills for New Job
    Student is seeking to develop skills for a new job.
  3. Career Exploration
    Student is undecided about a career goal and an occupational choice. The College will provide counseling assistance to aid the student in making decisions concerning career/curricular goals. Such a student will be expected to declare another educational goal prior to completing 30 credit hours of course work.
  4. Personal Satisfaction and General Knowledge
    Student is enrolled for reasons not related to specific occupational or educational goals.
  5. Transient Student
    Student, while enrolled at a community college, maintains primary enrollment with another post-secondary institution.
  6. High School Student (with college approval only)
    - students must be high school juniors or seniors who are 16 or older
    - students must be qualified or prepared for the demands of a college level course and able to benefit from the enrichment opportunity (determined by appropriate high school personnel)
    - public school principal must approve/recommend the cross-registration of the high school student to the community college
    - no developmental courses may be approved for a dual enrollment arrangement
  7. Auditing a Course
    Students desiring to attend a course without taking the examination or receiving credit for the course may do so by registering to audit that course. Students desiring to audit a course will register in the regular manner and pay the regular tuition. Audited courses carry no credit and do not count as part of the student’s course load. Students desiring to change status in a course from audit to credit must do so within the add/drop period. Changes from credit to audit must be made by the official last day for students who withdraw from a class without penalty.
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