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Fall Semester 2012

An evening administrator is available each Monday through Thursday from 4:30-7 p.m. when classes are in session to answer questions, address concerns, and make administrative decisions. The schedule below indicates the administrator on duty. For contact information, please consult the Employee Directory. 

In the event of an emergency, please contact Campus Police.

VHCC Faculty and Staff may also look at the Evening Administrators Public Calendar in Outlook for the most accurate schedule.

EA - Evening Administrator
BU - Back Up

September 2012

Holiday Mon, Sep 03
Stacy Thomas (EA) Tue, Sep 04
Paige Kelly (BU) Wed, Sep 05
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Sep 05
Hara Charlier (EA) Thu, Sep 06
Michael McBride (BU) Mon, Sep 10
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Sep 10
Michael McBride (EA) Tue, Sep 11
Paige Kelly (EA) Wed, Sep 12
Kathy Mitchell Thu, Sep 13
Michael McBride (BU) Mon, Sep 17
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Sep 17
Michael McBride (EA) Tue, Sep 18
Paige Kelly (BU) Wed, Sep 19
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Sep 19
Robert May (EA) Thu, Sep 20
Robert May (BU) Mon, Sep 24
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Sep 24
Paige Kelly (EA) Tue, Sep 25
Robert May (BU) Wed, Sep 26
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Sep 26
Robert May (EA) Thu, Sep 27

October, 2012
Kim Morton (BU) Mon, Oct 01
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Oct 01
Chris Fields (EA) Tue, Oct 02
Karen Cheers (BU) Wed, Oct 03
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Oct 03
Karen Cheers (EA) Thu, Oct 04
Betty Domjahn (BU) Mon, Oct 08
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Oct 08
No Classes Tue, Oct 09
Karen Cheers (BU) Wed, Oct 10
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Oct 10
Kathy Mitchell Thu, Oct 11
Chris Fields (BU) Mon, Oct 15
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Oct 15
Beth Page (EA) Tue, Oct 16
Kim Morton backup Wed, Oct 17
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Oct 17
Ron Proffitt (EA) Thu, Oct 18
Ron Proffitt (BU) Mon, Oct 22
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Oct 22
Ron Proffitt (EA) Tue, Oct 23
Ron Proffitt (BU) Wed, Oct 24
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Oct 24
Hara Charlier (EA) Thu, Oct 25
Charles Boling Mon, Oct 29
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Oct 29
Kim Morton (EA) Tue, Oct 30
Charles Boling Wed, Oct 31
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Oct 31

November 2012
Karen Cheers (EA) Thu, Nov 01
Beth Page (BU) Mon, Nov 05
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Nov 05
Beth Page (EA) Tue, Nov 06
Hara Charlier Tue, Nov 06, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Chris Fields (BU) Wed, Nov 07
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Nov 07
Hara Charlier Thu, Nov 08
Beth Page (BU) Mon, Nov 12
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Nov 12
Alma Rowland (EA) Tue, Nov 13
Karen Cheers (BU) Wed, Nov 14
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Nov 14
Chris Fields (EA) Thu, Nov 15
Betty Domjahn (BU) Mon, Nov 19
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Nov 19
Stacy Thomas (EA) Tue, Nov 20
Holiday Wed, Nov 21
Holiday Thu, Nov 22
Alma Rowland (BU) Mon, Nov 26
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Nov 26
Kathy Mitchell Tue, Nov 27
Alma Rowland (BU) Wed, Nov 28
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Nov 28
Alma Rowland (EA) Thu, Nov 29

December 2012
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Dec 03
Kim Morton (EA) Tue, Dec 04
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Dec 05
Charles Boling Thu, Dec 06
Kathy Mitchell Thu, Dec 06
Melinda Leland (BU) Mon, Dec 10
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Dec 10
Charles Boling Tue, Dec 11
Melinda Leland (BU) Wed, Dec 12
Stacy Thomas (EA) Wed, Dec 12
Betty Domjahn Thu, Dec 13
Stacy Thomas (EA) Mon, Dec 17
Stacy Thomas (EA) Tue, Dec 18
No fall classes after Wed, Dec 19

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