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Calendar Review
The Life of Attakullakulla—Cherokee Peace Chief
Arts Array - Native American Lecture Series
Date: 9/26/2013 7:30 PM
Cost: Free for Everyone
Location: Executive Auditorium Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
The Life of AttakullakullaCaptain Robert K. Rambo (Ret.) will portray Attakullakulla (also known as The Little Carpenter) and discuss 18th-century Cherokee history and culture. Attakullakulla was the Peace Chief of the powerful Cherokee nation for decades during many of its most pivotal events. He went to London to meet King George II and was called “the most important Indian of his day” during his lifetime in the 18th century. Rambo has researched, studied, and portrayed Attakullakulla for over twenty years, studied him for his research in graduate school, and has presented hundreds of performances to teach about Attakullakulla as he led the largest tribe in North America while they struggled to survive in a changing world.