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VHCC supports the development of intramural programs or sports clubs on campus and/or off campus in community facilities. These programs will be designed to promote the physical well being of the individual student and the development of recreational skills. Competition of intramural teams, including “all star” teams, in civic leagues and competition between intramural or sports club teams of other institutions is authorized with the approval of the VHCC College Board providing that all direct expenses, including transportation, are paid from non-state funds.

Looking for a little friendly competition? Intramural sports encourages participation in a competitive, yet fun, sports program. You need not be a star athlete to participate! Intramural Sports can include Flag Football, Pool, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, etc. Play for the fun of it and experience for yourself why intramural sports is where the action is.

VHCC also has a competitive traveling Men’s Basketball Team…the VHCC Wolves! Did you play high school sports? Have that competitive edge? Club Sports might be the place for you! The VHCC Wolves' Club Sports teams bridge the gap between intramurals and varsity athletics, allowing you to enjoy extramural competition without the pressures of highly-structured varsity sports. The Club Sports teams will compete against other VCCS and local college teams. Student Success Center office contacts: Michael McBride or Tony Fuller.

Last updated: 2/25/2013 4:20:30 PM