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The College offers a testing service to students on both a group and an individual basis. Available tests include instruments for determining interests, measures of study habits and attitudes, educational and occupational ability tests, and personality assessments. Tests can be accessed through various websites as recommended by counseling division. For example, some entering freshman students will take a standardized, commercially prepared test to establish the level of general education skills and knowledge of the student. Also, some tests may be recommended by a counselor or advisor or be available to students upon request.

The College has a placement testing program in the Learning Lab for all first-time students who have been admitted to programs requiring college level English, math, and/or biology, or those students whose educational objectives may include college level mathematics, English, or biology courses. Students who fail to meet minimum scores on the College’s placement tests in math, writing, and reading are required to take developmental courses prior to or in conjunction with the regular sequence of courses.

Students assessed as reading at grade-level 6-9 must take developmental/remedial reading as a prerequisite to enrollment in any college-level courses, except those courses exempted by the College. Students possessing reading competencies at a 10th to 12th grade-level qualify to enroll concurrently in college-level classes along with the required developmental reading course. Students with 12th grade-level competencies are allowed unrestricted enrollment in college-level English and mathematics courses.

After you have submitted an application to the College you are required to take placement tests in English (reading & writing) and math. The results of these tests will determine which courses you are eligible to enroll in at VHCC. It is recommended that each student review the Placement Testing Guide available at before testing. To register for placement testing, call the Testing Center at (276)739-2476.

With appropriate documentation, students who took the ACT or SAT tests and achieved the required scores or have completed college level math or English at other colleges and universities may be exempt from placement testing.

English Composition

A minimum SAT score of 500 on both the critical reading and writing sections, or a minimum ACT combined score of 21 on English and writing exempts a student from the VPT-English test and all development English courses. (Section – English Placement)



An SAT math score of 520 or higher or an ACT math score of 22 or higher exempts a student from the VPT-Math test and all developmental math courses, and allows a student to enroll in MTH 158, MTH 163, or MTH 241. Placement testing is required prior to enrolling in all other math courses. (Section – Math Placement)

Students must submit official copies of their ACT or SAT scores to the VHCC Learning Lab prior to enrollment. Test scores are valid for two years.

Refer to the
Placement Testing Guide for more information. If you have questions, contact the Student Success Center at (276)739-2438.

In addition to the general testing program, instructors in each curriculum of the College may have special tests established for their courses and programs.

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