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Fall Semester 2014 • Tuesday, August 19

Please find your program of study in the list below and plan to attend the group advising session listed. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Student Success Center at (276) 739-2438.

10 a.m. Session

Business Administration - Specialization in Business Information Technology • Mary Sullivan• ISC 113
Education-Art & Education-Theatre Arts • Tommy Bryant • ISC 105
Education-Teacher Preparation • Philip Ferguson and Barbara Manuel • ISC 109
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration • Michael Belcher and Jim Kroll • OTC-109
Electricity, Electro-Mechanical, Electrical Technology, and Energy Technology • Joe Mitchell • ISC-142
Administration of Justice • Robin Widener • OTC-112
Health Sciences • Nicole Freeman • ISC 115
Science-Specialization in Engineering • Tom Tidwell • MEC 107
Pre-Pharmacy (Science) • Sandy Davis • MEC-109
Liberal Arts • Carmen Verges • ISC-103

11 a.m. Session

Business Administration • Judy Miller and Patty Tymon • MEC 107
Education • Sara Combs and Barbara Manuel • MEC 109
General Studies • Pansy Waycaster, Will Galliher, Mary Munsey, and Robert May • OTC-112
Administrative Support Technology, Executive Administrative Assistant, Legal Assisting, Medical Office Specialist, Clerical Studies, and Health Information Management • Nan Jones and Melba Bolling • ISC 119
Information Systems Technology, Networking Specialty, Networking A+, and Web Design • Mary Sullivan • ISC 115
Accounting and Accounting/IST, Business Management, and Supervision & Management • Richard Hutton • ISC 113
General Education• Mary Munsey • ISC 109
Human Services, Early Childhood Specialty, Early Childhood Teaching Assistant, Human Services Advocate
Winona Fleenor and Charles Justice • ISC 105
Pre-Nursing • Sandy Davis, Julie Little, Jean Murray and Jennifer Addison • NEB 110
Science, Horticulture Technology, and Science - Specialization in Horticulture • David Smith, Kevin Hamed, and Doug Carmichael • ISC-105

6 p.m. Session

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration • Michael Belcher and Jim Kroll • OTC-109
Nursing- Evening/Weekend • Advisors • NEB 110
Transfer Majors • Various Faculty Advisors • ISC-105

  • Students enrolled in Pre-Emergency Medical Technology or the Emergency Medical Technology program should contact Bill Akers at (276) 964-7729 or (276) 739-2571.
  • Students enrolled in Pre-Radiography or accepted into the Radiography program should contact Don Lowe at (276) 739-2488.
  • Pre-Occupational Technical Assistant students should contact Dana Conley-James at (276)739-2450.

Students enrolled in an SDV (Orientation Course) for Fall 2014 may count their participation in STEP as a required student activity or receive extra credit. Please talk to your SDV instructor for details.

Download the Fall 2014 STEP Flyer

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Please contact
The Student Success Center
(276) 739-2438 or

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