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The following procedures apply to applicants designated as convicted sexual offenders.


  1. Upon notice that a convicted sexual offender has applied to the College, the Admissions & Records office will place a hold (negative service indicator) on the applicant’s file.
  2. The Admissions & Records office will notify the Vice-President of Instruction and Student Services who will send a letter to the student indicating that the student should contact Campus Police in order to arrange a meeting / hearing regarding the circumstances surrounding the hold on their application.
  3. The Chief of Police (or designee) along with the Director of Admissions will facilitate the meeting with the student. During the meeting, the following information will be gathered:
    1. Nature of the offense for which he/she has been convicted;
    2. In the event that the applicant is a sexual offender, a statement acknowledging his/her understanding that his/her identity and status as a convicted sex offender will be publicized on the college campus in accordance with federal and state law upon admission.
    3. Parole officer contact information and conditions of parole.
    4. Psychologist or counselor contact information who can attest to applicant’s behavior or condition.
    5. Justification for consideration of admission;
  4. After the meeting, Campus Police and the Director of Admissions will confirm the information shared in the interview and make a recommendation to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services on the applicant’s participation at the College, based on the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant; the offense; and the potential likelihood of the applicant being a threat to the community.
  5. If admission is granted, a letter from the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services stating the provisions of enrollment will be sent to the student (e.g. limitations on courses) as prescribed by conditions of parole or psychologist’s information.
  6. If the recommendation is to deny the applicant, the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services will send out the correspondence to the applicant. If denied admission, the applicant may appeal the decision by forwarding a written appeal to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services. The appeal must be made within 10 business days of the decision. The appeal will be reviewed by a committee consisting of a faculty member, staff member, and student of the Student Affairs Committee who will review the appeal and issue a decision within 10 business days from receipt of appeal.
  7. In the event that a student self-reports or the information is provided regarding convicted sexual offender status after enrollment, the student will be called to a meeting and steps 3 through 6 will be applied.

The Vice President of Instruction and Student Services will send correspondence on all decisions.

Last updated: 3/7/2014 1:30:45 PM