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AIR 111 - 112 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Controls I - II (2-3 credits/2-3 credits)
Corequisite for AIR 111: AIR 171
Corequisite for AIR 112: AIR 172
Presents electron theory, magnetism, Ohm’s law, resistance, current flow, instruments for electrical measurement, A.C. motors, power distribution controls and their application. Lecture 1-2 hours, Laboratory 2-3 hours, Total 3-5 hours per week.

AIR 134 Circuits and Controls I (3-4 credits)
Corequisite: AIR 176 or AIR 235

Presents circuit diagrams for air conditioning units, reading and drawing of circuit diagrams, types of electrical controls. Includes analysis of air conditioning circuits, components, analysis and characteristics of circuits and controls, testing and servicing. Introduces electricity for air conditioning which includes circuit elements, direct current circuits and motors, single and three-phase circuits and motors, power distribution systems, and protective devices. Studies the electron and its behavior in passive and active circuits and components. Demonstrates electronic components and circuits as applied to air conditioning system. Lecture 2-3 hours, Laboratory 2-6 hours, Total 4-9 hours per week.

AIR 154 Heating Systems I (3-4 credits)
Corequisite: AIR 231

Introduces types of fuels and their characteristics of combustion; types, components and characteristics of burners, and burner efficiency analyzers. Studies forced air heating systems including troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and servicing. Lecture 2-3 hours. Laboratory 2-6 hours. Total 4-8 hours per week.

AIR 159 Heating and Cooling Safety (1 credit)
Presents standard safety procedures used in the heating and cooling industry. Discusses proper handling of equipment refrigerants and electricity. Lecture 1 hour per week.

AIR 165 Air Conditioning Systems I (3-4 credits)
Introduces comfort survey, house construction, load calculations, types of distribution systems, and equipment selection. Introduces designing, layout, installing and adjusting of duct systems, job costs, and bidding of job. Lecture 2-3 hours, Laboratory 3-6 hours, Total 5-8 hours per week.

AIR 171-172 Refrigeration I - II (6-9 credits/6-9credits)
Corequisite for AIR 171: AIR 111
Corequisite for AIR 172: AIR 112

Introduces basic principles of refrigeration. Includes refrigeration systems, cycles, and use and care of refrigeration tools. Studies shop techniques including soldering, brazing, leak testing, tube testing, tube bending, flaring, and swaging. Analyzes mechanical (vapor compression) systems. Assembles and repairs them including evacuating, charging, testing, and electrical repairs. Introduces advanced troubleshooting and repairs for domestic, commercial and industrial units. Includes medium, low, and ultra low temperature systems of the single and multiple unit types. Includes equipment selection, system balancing, and installation procedures. Lecture 4-6 hours. Laboratory 6-9 hours. Total 10-15 hours per week.

AIR 176 Air Conditioning (6-7 credits)
Corequisite: AIR 134

Presents residential and commercial air conditioning systems, including air conditioning principles, psychometrics and pressure balancing. Includes window units, residential central systems, small commercial (air and water cooled condensers) and automobile units. Lecture 4-5 hours. Laboratory 4-8 hours, Total 8-13 hours per week.

AIR 197 Co-op (2-5 credits)
Requires curriculum advisor and co-op advisor approvals.

Cooperative education in air conditioning and refrigeration. Designed to provide practical work experience for the air conditioning and refrigeration student. Minimum on-the-job training is 10 hours per week.

AIR 205 Hydronics and Zoning (3-4 credits)
Corequisite: AIR 231
Presents installation, servicing, troubleshooting, and repair of hydronic systems for heating and cooling. Includes hot water and chilled water systems using forced circulation as the transfer medium. Lecture 2-3 hours. Laboratory 2-3 hours. Total 4-6 hours per week.

AIR 231 Circuits and Controls IV (4-5 credits)
Corequisites: AIR 154 and/or AIR 205

Applies controls and control circuits to air conditioning and refrigeration, including components, pilot devices and controls, and circuit diagrams. Lecture 3-4 hours. Laboratory 3 hours. Total 6-7 hours per week.

AIR 235 Heat Pumps (3-4 credits)
Corequisites: AIR 134

Studies theory and operation of reverse cycle refrigeration including supplementary heat as applied to heat pump systems, including service, installation and maintenance. Lecture 2-3 hours, Laboratory 2-3 hours, Total 4-6 hours per week.

AIR 297 Co-op (2-5 credits)
Requires curriculum advisor and co-op advisor approvals.

Cooperative education in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating. Designed to provide practical work experience for the air conditioning, refrigeration and heating student. Minimum on-the-job training is 10 hours per week.

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