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Computers for True Beginners
This workshop is intended for those with little or no prior computer experience. Learn the basics starting with turning on the computer and using the mouse. You will practice fundamental computer tasks while learning basic computer concepts, Windows, word processing, the Internet and email. Topics covered include: Naming files, Using cut, copy, and paste, Finding a file or folder, Browsing and searching the internet and Sending and receiving email. • Nikelle Hagy • Non Credit • Friday, April 4, 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM • Course fee: FREE • LRC 227

 Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1
Learn spreadsheets using MS Excel 2013. This course covers all the basics including: entering and editing text and numbers; copying and moving cells; using AutoFill, AutoComplete, and AutoCorrect; working with formulas and functions; formatting cell contents (including currency, dates, AutoFormat, Format Painter, wrap text, and merge); formatting the worksheet (including changing columns and rows, vertical alignment, and rotating text); proofing a worksheet; and using Help. • Nikelle Hagy • Non Credit • Tuesday, March 18, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM • Course fee: $59 • LRC-227 • [63353]

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2
Explore Excel’s charting features. Learn how to freeze rows and columns, sort data, and split the worksheet window. Print multipage worksheets with column and row titles, headers, footers, gridlines, and manual page breaks. Improve the appearance of a workbook with graphics using photos, clip art, SmartArt, and the drawing tools. Discover the value of using templates, protecting workbooks, and signing your workbooks digitally. • Nikelle Hagy • Non Credit • Thursday, March 20, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM • Course fee: $59 • LRC-227 • [63366]

Getting Started with iPad
If you’re just getting to know your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, this hands-on workshop is for you. Learn how to create and navigate through your Home screen. Discover how easy it is to sync media with your computer using iTunes. Listen to all your music using iPod. Explore Maps and find out how your device knows Bring your own iPad to class but an iPad is not required to take the course. • Nikelle Hagy • Tuesday, March 11, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM • Course fee: $59 • LRC-227 • [63418]

Going Further with iPad
Go beyond the basics with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in this hands-on workshop. Learn about multitasking, push notifications, copy/paste, and how to pair Bluetooth devices. Search and discover some great apps like Skype, Facebook, Evernote, iBooks, GarageBand, iMovie, iWork and much more. Bring your own iPad to class but an iPad is not required to take the course. • Nikelle Hagy • Non Credit • Thursday, March 13, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM • Course fee: $59 • LRC-227 • [63426]

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