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Associate of Applied Science Degree

Program Coordinator:     Science & Engineering Technologies Division Dean or assigned faculty
Major:                                  As needed (short start-up time)1
Length:                               65-69 credit hours

Purpose: The Associate of Applied Science Degree is designed to provide a broad foundation of general education and technological knowledge, along with a concentration in a technical field as identified by local industry needs that will prepare the graduate to enter or advance in technical fields upon graduation.

Occupation Objective: Numerous recent studies point to an emerging need for workforce education and training programs and opportunities in several evolving fields. Chief among these are information technologies and high-performance manufacturing. A Technical Studies degree will permit VHCC to respond rapidly to the demand for workers trained in emerging career areas.

Admission Requirements: Students must meet the general admission requirements of the college. All students who are not proficient in communications and computation skills will be required to correct deficiencies through developmental courses.

Program Requirements: The curriculum for the Technical Studies Degree combines general academic instruction in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, science, and communication with a technical core of courses geared toward gaining competence for positions within business, industry, or government, and work-based learning requirement.

General Education Required Core 18
English Composition 3
Humanities 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6


Mathematics/Natural Science 3
Wellness 2
Student Development 1
Technical Foundations 18-24
Principles of Technology 3
Microcomputers/Programming/Software 6-9
Technical Writing 3
Quality Control 3
Team Concepts/Problem Solving 3-6
Content Skills & Knowledge2 15-27
Option 1: Courses selected from a single existing certificate or diploma + electives to define content area1
Option 2: Two or more content areas3 of 6-12 credits each (course selected to meet student goals and employer needs) plus related courses and electives
Work-Based Learning 6-15
Total credits required for the AAS Degree..........65-69

 1. Curricular exhibits are provided for informational purposes only. See the Counselor for details on majors and their content.

2. The course content is developed between the employer(s), college and students to meet the needs of the employer(s). A minimum of fifteen (15) students must agree to enroll in any given major.

3. A minimum of six (6) credits per each content area.


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