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(Includes basic tuition and applicable surcharge)

1.     General. The 2014-2015 tuition rate listed below is effective Fall 2014. Current tuition rates will be published in class schedules. Subject to change by the State Board of Community College

Tuition Rate Per Credit Hour

Virginia Resident ................$139.00
Out-of-State Resident ........ $333.60

Upon paying tuition, students are eligible to obtain a student identification card that can be used in the VHCC Library, Bookstore, and other campus facilities.

Unless otherwise notified, students must meet all published payment deadlines each semester. Students who do not meet the deadline will be removed from the official class roster. Only paid students will be allowed to attend class.

2.     Reduced Tuition Charges. The Virginia General Assembly in 1984 enacted legislation clarifying the state code regarding eligibility for in-state tuition. To be eligible for the in-state tuition rates, students must live in Virginia for a minimum of one year before the first official day of classes. If a student’s parent or parents are employed full-time in Virginia but live out of state, special provisions for determining eligibility for reduced tuition rates exist. Spouses and dependents of active duty military personnel are entitled to show eligibility for in-state tuition rates in the same manner as nonmilitary personnel, except that the one year durational period may be waived for active duty military personnel (and their dependent children) who voluntarily elect Virginia as their permanent residence for domiciliary purposes.

The General Assembly enacted legislation in 1995 that authorized the State Board for Community Colleges to charge a contract tuition rate to students enrolled in Virginia community colleges who live within 30-miles of campus and are eligible for in-state tuition in a state contiguous to Virginia, provided that state has a reciprocal agreement for Virginia residents.

Please check with the Admissions Office for more specific guidelines concerning changes in the domicile law.

3.     Waived Tuition. Section 23.7.1 of the Code of Virginia provides that free tuition shall be granted to children of persons killed, disabled, missing in action or prisoners in any armed conflict.

Eligibility of such children shall be determined by the Division of War Veterans’ Claims who shall certify in writing to the admitting institution that tuition should be waived in accordance with the provisions of Section 23-7.1. Applications are available in Admissions Office.

4.     Waived Tuition. In accordance with Section 23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia, all students are eligible for in-state tuition for courses taken through the College’s dual enrollment program.

5.     Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974 as Amended, 1976, 1977, 1982 and 2015.

  1. To be eligible for free tuition and fees for credit courses, part-time or full time, a person must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be 60 years of age or older.
    2. Be a legal resident of Virginia.
    3. Report a taxable income not exceeding $23,850 for Federal Income Tax purposes for the year prior to enrollment.
    4. Be admitted to a course after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated.
    5. Be admitted to the College as a student.
  2. To be eligible for free tuition when auditing a credit course or taking a non-credit course, a person must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be 60 years of age or older.
    2. Be a legal resident of Virginia. 
    3. Be admitted to a course after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated. 
    4. Be admitted to the College as a student.

Estimated Full-Time Cost of Attendance 2013-14

In-State students

Books and Supplies

$ 1,200


$ 1,800

Room and Board

$ 3,200


$ 3,280

Tuition and Fees

$ 3,220



Out of State students

Books and Supplies




Room and Board




Tuition and Fees




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