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A.    Unauthorized or Disorderly Assembly

All assemblies or demonstrations on campus must have prior approval from the office of the President of the College. Any student or college employee found guilty of participating in or inciting a riot or an unauthorized or disorderly assembly is subject to suspension or dismissal.

To prevent misunderstanding, the State Board has issued the following clarification:

1.     When an assembly on campus of students and/or college employees not authorized by the College has been requested to disband by the President or other designated officer, those refusing to comply will be subject to immediate suspension and/or dismissal and legal action.

2.     In the event that an assembly appears to be a demonstration related to grievances, those present should be advised that orderly procedures for the hearing of grievances are available and must be adhered to. College officials will not negotiate with such groups under conditions of duress, such as unauthorized occupation of college property.

3.     Any unauthorized occupation of buildings and/or college property constitutes reason for immediate suspension and/or dismissal from the institution of students or college employees who may be involved. Furthermore, legal action will be brought against any student or college employee involved in acts on community college property that are prohibited by law.

4.     Any person currently not a student or college employee is not allowed to participate in demonstrations on the campus.

B.            Campus Demonstrations

Each campus organization participating in a demonstration must file three copies of a registration form in the Office of the President of the College at least 96 hours in advance of the demonstration.

The following rules and regulations regarding campus demonstration have been established for the Virginia Community College System:

1.     Only organizations recognized by the College may sponsor demonstrations on college properties.

2.     Picketing is not permitted inside buildings.

3.     Outside picketing must not be carried on so as to interfere with entrance traffic or the normal flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

4.     Precise boundaries and number of those picketing will be set by agreement among the College administration, the organizations involved, and those in charge of any building specifically involved.

5.     Lack of substantial compliance with these rules and regulations or failure to register will result in reconsideration by the College for non-complying organizations.



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