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VHCC and the State Board for Community Colleges recognizes and encourages honorary, scholastic, service organizations, and sports clubs that do not restrict membership based on race, color, gender, age, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation or other non-merit factors. The following regulations and procedures apply to all student activity programs:

  1. The entire program of student activities shall be under college supervision.
  2. There shall be a faculty or staff sponsor for each student organization.
  3. All student activity funds shall be deposited with and expended through the college business office, subject to State Board policies, procedures, and regulations pertaining to such funds.
  4. Each college, with the approval of its local board, shall adopt its own regulations and procedures to implement the above policy.
  5. All student activity programs and recognized organizations must comply with the nondiscrimination policy, except as follows:

    Any recognized religious or political student organization shall be authorized to limit certain activities only to members who are committed to furthering the mission of such organization. Such activities include ordering the organization’s internal affairs, selecting the organization’s leaders and members, defining the organization’s doctrines, and resolving the organization’s disputes.

Private clubs, private associations, social fraternities, and social sororities shall not be recognized by VHCC. VHCC active clubs on campus include: Choir, Christian Club, College Democrats, Destination Green, Phi Theta Kappa, Enactus, Nursing Club, Rotaract, VHCC Athletics Club, VHCC EARTH, Young Republicans, The Howl, and many others.

  1. Guidelines
    1. A group shall become an organization only after administrative review and formal recognition by the College President, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, and the Student Affairs Committee. The process for establishing a club or organization is detailed in the Student Club/Organization Resource Manual, located on the VHCC website under Current Students>Student Life>Clubs and Organizations.
    2. Organizations agree to abide by all policies and regulations of VHCC and the State Board for Community Colleges. When an organization is affiliated with an external body, such as a national society, a copy of that organization’s constitution and bylaws shall be filed at the same time with the Student Success Center.
    3. Formal recognition of an organization is granted or denied by the College President. Formal recognition of an organization implies neither approval nor disapproval of the stated aims, objectives, and policies of the organization.
    4. All changes and amendments to an organization’s constitution or bylaws including changes and amendments adopted by an affiliated external body must be submitted to the College President, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, and the Student Affairs Committee.  All changes and amendments to the constitution or bylaws of an organization’s extramural affiliate shall be submitted to the College President, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, and the Student Affairs Committee within a reasonable time before their effective date. The president will approve or disapprove these changes.
    5. A group or organization may use the College name as a whole, or as a part of, or in conjunction with its name only with the express written permission of the College President.
    6. College organizations may distribute or communicate information related to their purpose and aims through print and/or electronic media. All communication must be approved by the Student Success Center.
    7. An organization engaging in illegal activities, either on or off campus, may have sanctions imposed, including admonition, probation, restitution, or withdrawal of College recognition.
    8. College organizations may use college facilities for regular business meetings, social programs, and programs open to the public unless, in the opinion of the President, the planned program poses a serious threat to the continued well-being and safety of the College. College facilities are scheduled by the Office of the Vice President of Institutional Advancement.
  2. Meeting Times
    Activity hour is designed primarily for the purpose of: (1) providing time for the faculty, staff, administration, and students to implement the College’s plan of governance; (2) enabling the College to develop and implement an effective program of extracurricular activities; and (3) establishing a time for various forms of communication (counseling, advising, etc.) that need to take place between and among faculty, staff, and students. College organizations are encouraged to schedule meetings during this time.
  3. Solicitation of Funds and Fundraising
    Solicitation of funds for the benefit of recognized charitable or civic organizations on campus without the prior written approval of the president of the college for each specific fund drive is prohibited. Anyone seeking approval for such an activity may receive further information on procedure through the Student Success Center. Other types of solicitation of funds are specifically prohibited.
  4. Selling on Campus 
    The privilege of selling merchandise of any variety on campus is limited to the bookstore, recognized college organizations, and those having valid contracts as concessionaires. The president or his/her designee shall have the authority to specify or limit the place and times of such sales. Student organizations desiring to sell merchandise on campus should make their request to the Student Success Center.
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