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1. Academic Counseling

Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled and prospective students to assist in making important career, educational, and personal/social plans.  As part of this assistance, appropriate tests, inventories, occupational and educational information, and information regarding employment are available.  The Student Success Center is located in ISC 128, (276) 739-2438.  Counselors are available evening hours by appointment.  Should a problem require assistance above and beyond that which the counselor feels adequate to handle, the student will be referred to another appropriate professional resource person, either on campus or in the larger community.

2. Professional Counselors

As a service to students, the College maintains a staff of professional counselors and faculty advisors assigned to each instructional division and Project EXCEL. The counseling and advising programs function to assist the student in making intelligent career decisions and in setting educational and personal goals. It is the goal of the College to draw on the counseling staff to facilitate the College experience for students, especially first year students. As a part of this assistance, counselors have available appropriate tests, inventories, occupational and educational information, and information regarding financial assistance or employment.

Every full-time, curricular student will begin their education at VHCC by completing an online preview and a Transition Session. The Transition Session is an individual or group meeting with a counselor where placement scores are interpreted, an assessment of the student’s goals and intentions are explored, an appropriate faculty advisor is assigned based on the student’s plan of study and the first semester classes are scheduled.

3. Faculty Advising

A faculty member or other college representative will be designated as a student’s advisor to provide educational guidance in the student’s field of specialization. VHCC subscribes to the developmental advising model where faculty advisors assist students in clarifying personal and career goals, developing educational goals, and evaluating the progress toward established goals. The faculty advisor will utilize the resources of the College and refer students to the appropriate academic support services. The advising relationship is a decision making process in which the sharing of information between student and advisor promotes responsible and appropriate choices and facilitates a successful academic experience.

4. Recruitment and High School Articulation

The College cooperates with the high schools in the region to provide pre-college counseling to those students planning to attend the community college. Students in area high schools are kept informed of the offerings of the College. In addition, college officials work closely with individuals and organizations in the community to determine the educational needs and interests of citizens in the region who are not currently attending high school. College representatives are available Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. to provide assistance and respond to requests from individuals seeking information about admission to the College.

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