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Program Coordinator:     Winona Fleenor, LRC 208, Ext. 2493
Length:                                Three semesters (one year beginning in summer term)

Purpose: The increased need for childcare in Southwest Virginia is an indicator of the need for more teachers and caregivers at the pre-school level. The Early Childhood Teaching Assistant program is designed to train personnel for employment in the field upon completion of the course requirements. In addition, the curriculum furnishes the student the opportunity to elect to transfer into the AAS Early Childhood Education degree program if she/he so wishes.

Occupational Objectives: 
    Teachers Aide 
    Child Care Assistant 
    Day Care worker

Admission Requirements: A student eligible for admission to the College can normally be considered for admission to the Human Services - Early Childhood Teaching Assistant curriculum.

Program Requirements: The one year curriculum provides training in child psychology, child care and child education in addition to general education classes. Students who are not proficient in English and mathematics will be required to correct their deficiencies in developmental courses. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching Assistant.


Summer Session
Course Number Course Title Lec. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Crs.
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
ENG 112 or 
CST 100
College Composition II or
Principles of Public Speaking
3 0 3
Total 6 0 6
First Semester (Fall)
CHD 120 Intro. to Early Childhood Education 3 0 3
CHD 205 Guiding the Behavior of Children 3 0 3
MTH 146 1*Introduction to Elementary
3 0 3
PSY 235 Child Psychology 3 0 3
SDV 101 Orientation to College Success 1 0 1
SOC 200 Principles of Sociology 3 0 3
Total 16 0 16
Second Semester (Spring)
CHD 118 Language Arts for Children 3 0 3
CHD 145 Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children 2 2 3
PBS Interviewing PBS 266 or Leadership PBS 265 3 0 3
PSY 200 Principles of Psychology 3 0 3
SOC 215 Sociology of the Family 3 0 3
Total 14 2 15


Total Minimum Credits Required for Certificate ................................................37


  1. Introduction to Elementary Statistics requires placement testing. Students must be proficient in Algebra I.

Gainful Employment Report - Early Childhood Teaching Assistant

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