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Program Coordinator:     Winona Fleenor, LRC 208, Ext. 2463
Length:                                Two semesters (one year)

Purpose: The certificate program in Human Services Advocate is designed to prepare persons for entry into careers which emphasize human relations skills, typically performed in a person-to-person relationship.

Occupational Objectives: Students who complete the program may enter the labor market in jobs which lead to a variety of positions, such as: 
    Therapeutic Assistant 
    Social Services Liaison 
    Case Management Aide 
    Client Advocate 
    Social Services Para-professional 
    Child Care Assistant

Admission Requirements: A student eligible for admission to the college can normally be considered for admission to the Human Services Advocate curriculum. Proficiency in high school English and mathematics is required. Students who are not proficient in English or mathematics will be required to correct their deficiencies in developmental courses.

Program Requirements: Approximately three-fourths of the courses will be a core curriculum which is basic for all human services, i.e., general education, occupational-technical, and human relations skills. The remaining courses, along with the coordinated internship, are designed to give the student specialized training for the particular career area which he/she has chosen. Upon completion of the two-semester program, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Human Services Advocate.


First Semester (Fall)
Course Number Course Title Lec. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Crs.
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
SDV 101 Orientation to College Success 1 0 1
SOC 200 1*Principles of Sociology 3 0 3
AST 114 2 *Keyboarding for Information Processing 0 2 2
HMS 100 Intro. to Human Services 3 0 3
PSY 120 Human Relations 3 0 3
Total 13 2 15
Second Semester (Spring)
ENG 112 College Composition II 3 0     3
MTH 146 Intro. to Elem. Statistics 3 0 3
PBS 265 3*Interviewing 3 0 3
HLT 110 Concepts of Personal and Community Health 3 0 3
ITE 115 4*Intro. to Computer Applications and Concepts 3 0 3

EEE or
HMS 197

5*Degree Related Elective or
Co-op Education
Total 15-18 0-15 18


Total Minimum Credits Required for Certificate ...................33


The semester-by-semester sequence of courses may be modified when necessary. Please meet with your faculty advisor for a discussion of factors which affect planning and sequencing programs of study. Mathematics courses require placement testing.


  1. Students may substitute PSY 200.
  2. Students who pass the Keyboarding Exemption Test will be granted credit for this course. Testing date is published in the class schedule.
  3. Students may substitute PBS 266 Group Leadership for this course.
  4. Keyboarding skills highly recommended.
  5. Students may take any ACC, AST, BUS, ECO, IST, or MKT course to meet this requirement or participate in Co-op Education. HMS 197 may be taken after satisfactory completion of the first semester with Faculty Curriculum Advisor and Faculty Co-op Advisor approvals. The non-paid Co-op Education option is available in this program of study.

Sample Related Electives for Human Services Advocate

HMS 197 Coordinated Internship or Cooperative Education in Human Services
ITE 100 Intro. to Information Systems
PBS 265 Group Leadership
PSY 235 Child Psychology
PSY 236 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 237 Adult Psychology
SOC 215 Sociology of the Family
SOC 235 Juvenile Delinquency

Gainful Employment Report - Human Services Advocate

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