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Monthly Meetings
The core curriculum of the VHCC Educational Talent Search (ETS) program is the monthly meetings. This provides ongoing access to the program and provides the staff with continuous contact with participants and visibility at the schools. Meetings take place during school at the school site. Topics including career awareness, college information, study skills, mentoring or personal development are covered. Activities are designed to enhance participant's academic skills or provide opportunities for participants to learn about different colleges and careers. Emphasis is placed on motivating students to maximize his/her academic performance NOW so that they will have more choices about college and careers in the future.

Tutoring Program
Tutoring is one of the most requested services of the VHCC ETS program. Students MUST be enrolled in the Educational Talent Search Program to receive tutoring. Tutorial services are available to all middle schools that are served by Talent Search. Students are referred for tutoring by teachers, guidance counselors, or parents. Tutoring takes place at the student's school during regular school hours.
**Tutoring is also available to high school participants upon request.

Annual 8th Grade Career Fair
ETS sponsors an annual Career Fair for all 8th grade classes in the VHCC service region. Individuals from various occupations volunteer to participate in the Career Fair. Students have an opportunity to interact directly with professionals and ask them questions about their educational background and different aspects of their job.

SAT Preparation Workshop
The SAT Preparation Workshop is offered to high school ETS participants. The workshop is designed to guide students through example questions similar to those on both the verbal and mathematical sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). For self-study, students receive handouts on test-taking strategies, SAT hints, and a comprehensive vocabulary list. SAT fee waivers are available to eligible students.

Study Skills Workshop
The ETS Advisors review and provide handouts on: improving listening skills, note-taking skills, hints on learning new testing strategies, memory tools, and practice textbook reading.

College & Cultural Trips
Each ETS participant is given the opportunity to visit at least one college campus each school year. The ETS staff plans trips to provide students with a variety of experiences. Students tour college campuses, attend athletic events, and speak with college personnel about admission requirements. ETS provides transportation from the participants school to the college site. Meals and admission fees are provided (free) during ETS sponsored trips.

Summer Activities
During the summer months, ETS offers a variety of activities to participants. These activities usually include an over-night college and culture trip for high school students.

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