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This Evacuation Plan shall be revised/updated annually as appropriate. Further, the Administrative Services Committee will have it reviewed annually with all employees.

Each instructor, for both day and evening classes, shall review the evacuation plan at the first meeting of every class each new semester or term class.

The internal Fire Alarm System will be used to sound evacuation alarms. Procedures are identical for fire, bomb threat, or other emergencies requiring immediate and complete evacuation of buildings.

Do not try to guess whether the alarm has been accidentally set off or whether it is a "false" alarm, a minor disturbance, or a "crackpot" telephone call. Each time the building alarm sounds, react immediately to evacuate the building according to the
following plan:

  1. When alarm sounds, everyone should immediately proceed from buildings by nearest Exit. Use STAIRS! Do not use elevator. 

  2. Instructors should check their respective classrooms before leaving buildings to assure that everyone is out.

    Instructors shall have primary responsibility to see that handicapped students in their classes are given appropriate assistance. Lights should be left on in the classroom, and classroom doors closed as they exit. Remember - Lights on! Doors Closed!
  3. Building wardens, designated by the Vice President of Administration, will immediately proceed to their respective assigned areas to assure that the areas are evacuated.  Building wardens shall have primary responsibilities to see that handicapped persons are given appropriate assistance.
  4. Students, faculty, and staff (other than administrators, Buildings and Grounds staff, and building wardens) should proceed to the areas as outlined below and as indicated on the evacuation charts posted at various points within the buildings. Sidewalks and driveways should remain clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.

    Administration Building
    The lawn in front of the building. 

    Instruction/Student Center Building -
    By nearest exit either Parking Lot #2 or the courtyard to the west of the building. 

    Learning Resources Center/Business Technologies Building
    By the nearest exit to Parking Lot #5, the courtyard in front of the building, or Parking Lot #4. 

    Mechanical Technologies Building
    Parking Lot #2

    Nursing Education Building
    Parking Lot #4

    Occupational/Technical Education Center
    Parking Lot #2

  5. Administrators, Buildings and Grounds staff, and building/ floor wardens should gather in the parking lot in front of the Administration Building to assure that buildings are all clear and to receive further instructions.
  6. Loud speaker may be used to announce all clear.
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