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The Campus Police Office is the official first aid station. First Aid kits are also located in: Laboratories, the Library, at the Switchboard, in the Buildings & Grounds office and in the Division offices. Faculty and Staff personnel are expected to become familiar with locations of such kits near their offices, laboratories and classrooms, and to make them available in case of minor injuries.

The following procedures apply in all cases of accident or sickness: 

  1. Notify Campus Police immediately - Dial (9)614-8282 (Campus Police Cell).  The Campus Police Office - ISC 130A, Instructional/ Student Center building, is designated as official emergency first aid station. All serious accidents and/or illnesses should be reported to the Campus Police Office. If the Campus Police cannot be reached, then report to the Vice President of Administration or the Coordinator of Evening Services (The Nursing Department should not be used for this purpose.)
  2. Notify the Vice Presidents’ offices - 2426, 2427, or 2428. During the evening hours contact the Evening Services Office - 2414 or 2401. From a cell phone dial (276)739-2414.
  3. Faculty and Staff who have a valid certificate in Standard First Aid, CPR, or First Responder may administer aid as required. No medicine of any type is to be administered unless the individual is conscious and has his/her required medication on his/her person.
  4. If the illness or injury appears to be serious enough for Emergency Medical help - dial (9)911 from an office phone or simply 911 from a cell or pay phone.
  5. An injured or seriously ill person should not be left unattended. Where serious injuries are suspected, the individual should not be moved unless absolutely necessary.
Last updated: 9/1/2015 1:51:46 PM