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If a watch is issued, the switchboard will contact the President, Vice Presidents, Campus Police, and Buildings and Grounds. Class will continue as normal.

When a warning is initiated, the following actions will begin immediately:

Day Time Hours

 The Switchboard operator will immediately notify President, Vice Presidents, Campus Police, and Buildings & Grounds. The alert will be issued using the loud speaker and VHCC ROAM alert. Building Wardens will assist in moving occupants to designated areas. The safest areas are interior hallways on the first or basement floors away from windows. North and east walls are preferable to south and west walls. Sit in a fetal position with face and head protected.

The safest areas are:
ADM Building: Hallway near the Vice Presidents’ offices
ISC Building: East hallway and east side classrooms (East hallway is labeled on directional signs in hallway)
LRC Building: Learning Center area or inner hallway by theatre.
MEC Building: Hallway near the Machine Shop
NEB Building: Hallways
OTC Building: First floor inner offices (1106, 1108, & 1110)
BGF Building: Bathrooms or inner storage room
GRN Building: Bathrooms

Evening Hours

When the alert is received, the switchboard operator will notify the Evening Coordinator, Campus Police, and Buildings & Grounds personnel. Below is a list of those responsible for assisting occupants in moving to a safe location.

ADM Building: Campus Police
ISC Building: Evening Coordinator
LRC Building: Buildings & Grounds personnel
MEC Building: Campus Police
NEB Building: Evening Coordinator
OTC Building: Buildings & Grounds personnel
BGF Building: Buildings & Grounds personnel
GRN Building: Buildings & Grounds personnel

Last updated: 9/9/2009 4:20:10 PM