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In the event of an armed intruder/violent attack, the following actions will be initiated immediately.

  1. Contact Emergency at - (9)911 from office phones (or simply 911 from cell phone or pay phone).
  2. Immediately notify the Campus Police Office at (276)739-2448 or (739) 614-8282 (Campus Police cell).
  3. Notify switchboard operator (0).
  4. The Switchboard Operator will notify the Vice Presidents’ offices and the President’s office.
  5. Switchboard operator will notify the Buildings and Grounds personnel by two-way radio or phone.
  6. All those who are confronted by the intruder should take every effort to remain calm and not make any sudden moves or gestures. Try not to raise your voice - Your tone and demeanor could strongly influence the outcome of the crisis.
  7. Everyone in the area should make every effort to barricade themselves behind closed doors and in a corner away from any door or window.
  8. After police arrive, if the danger is confined, orderly evacuation away from the building can begin. No one other than authorized personnel should enter the building where the intruder is located.
Last updated: 10/5/2009 9:56:54 AM