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Meet the Artist Clifton's Ford

Clifton's Ford came together in Damascus, Virginia during the Spring of 2012. Jordan had just arrived back in town after receiving his Harley-Davidson technology education in Orlando, Florida. Bonnie was touching base after a stint as an arts event coordinator in Phoenix, Arizona and a pass through Bonnaroo. Henry was in Damascus overseeing family property and enjoying time out from the city life of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bonnie heard about Henry, the new kid in town, from a friend and caught his performance with John Fox at Dot's Diner. Pretty soon, Bonnie was showcasing her own musical talents there. Jordan, whose birthright is bluegrass, heard about Bonnie singing around town and just wanted to hang out. Hanging out led to playing a little music, and pretty soon the magic was apparent. I can just imagine that spontaneous look on the faces of these three when they first hit one of those notes that brings chills and tears. They probably couldn't believe that sound was coming from them. With their blend of unique instrumental and vocal harmonies they knew they were on to something. They were a band.

Starting out, they were covering some of their favorite music and musicians. One song that they particularly enjoyed was "Strange Vine" by a group called Delta Spirit. That song brought them their first band name, StrangeVine. When performing that song on the street at Bristol's Rhythm and Roots reunion they captured the attention and earned praise from the stage by none other than Delta Spirit band members.

Now performing mostly their own songs under their new name they continue to grow and glow. They will be hoping to see you in music festivals concerts this summer.

From: Damascus, VA

Genre: Folk

Online: Official Website | Facebook | YouTube


Clifton's Ford