Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival

Meet the Artist Impeach Dixon

Self-described as the love child of Eddie Rabbit and Cyndi Lauper, the Bristol, VA/TN band, Impeach Dixon defies most labels. Rooted in Americana and folk styles, this five-piece adds layers of grunge, funk, punk, and rock sounds to the mix. Singers/songwriters Phil Ferguson and Josh Price croon about natural disasters, longed-for love, and other encounters of the human soul. James Bowman’s piano adds a haunting yet beautiful tone to each song. The driving rhythms of drummer, Tony Dixon and bassist, RJ Pasco punch at just the right times to expose the inner power of every piece. According to the Dixons, “There is a fine point in your life where you have to decide to stand up for what you believe. When that time comes, just relax. We are a soundtrack of your life in that moment.”

From: Bristol, TN/VA

Genre: Folk/Americana

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Impeach Dixon