Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

The application process must be completed by the date listed in the college catalog.

What do I need to do to apply?

  • In order to apply, the student must have met all prerequisite requirements which include a High School Diploma or GED and High School or equivalent courses in Biology, Chemistry and Algebra. If these courses have not been completed, they may be taken at the community college.
  • Apply to the community college by completing the application forms provided by the Admissions Office or on line.
  • Have all official sealed transcripts (high school and college) and GED scores submitted to the community college. Transcripts must be submitted from ALL colleges attended/attending. GED holders must also submit official high school transcripts if completed at least through the 9th grade. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request their transcripts and pay any required fees.
  • Apply to the nursing program by completing the application form provided by the Admissions Office.
  • If the application process is completed by the required deadline, the applicant will be required to take a nursing entrance exam. The qualified applicant will be sent a letter with instructions regarding the nursing entrance test.

What are the minimum high school prerequisites for admission to the program?

  • Evidence of a high school diploma or GED with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. High school graduate and GED holders who earned less than a 2.0 GPA during high school will be considered for acceptance to the program if they have generated a college GPA of 2.5 or above based on at least 12 semester credit hours.
  • The following courses with a grade of “C” or higher: Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra. Appropriate developmental or college courses can be substituted for high school deficiencies.

Is admission to the program very competitive?

Admission to the nursing program is competitive. Up to one hundred fifty students will be accepted in the three college program annually plus additional students for the part time evening/weekend program..

How are admission decisions made?

Admission decisions are based on a formula that includes GPA, number of curriculum required general education credits completed and nursing entrance test results.

Does it help to take the general education courses before starting the program?

The nursing program is an educationally challenging program. Most students find it helpful to spread out their workload by completing the general education courses such as Student Development, English, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Math and Basic Computer Skills. Applicants are encouraged to take the general education courses before starting the program; however, the general education courses are not required for admission to the program.

Is there a waiting list?

There is no waiting list for the program. If you are not accepted and wish to be considered the next year, you must reapply to the program.

Can the program be taken on a part-time basis?

A part-time program curriculum schedule is available that provides class offering on evening and weekend scheduling. This program is encouraged for students who must work while participating in the program.

How long does it take to complete the part-time evening/weekend program?

A student interested in the part time evening/weekend program must complete the required general education courses before applying for the program. These courses include English, psychology, anatomy and physiology and other course listed in the college catalog. After completing the general education courses, the part time evening/weekend program may be completed in 3 years (2 years for the LPN to RN evening/weekend program).

Is there an option for an LPN who wants to challenge the first year of the nursing program?

The VATNP offers an LPN to RN program for LPNs who are currently licensed in the state of Virginia and practicing as LPNs. This program allows the student to enter the nursing courses at second year level. The LPN who participates in this program will take an LPN to RN bridge course (NUR 115) which will substitute for the nursing courses taught in the first year.

Can I get financial assistance to attend the nursing program?

The majority of students in community colleges receive significant financial aid. Contact the Admissions Office for details and instructions related to financial aid.

Are background checks and drug screens required?

Certain Clinical facilities require a criminal history record check with no evidence of connection of a barrier crime. 

Clinical agencies also require drug screens prior to placement of students for clinical rotations.  Students with positive drug tests or evidence of barrier crimes are  prohibited from clinical practice and can not participate in the program.

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