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Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program


Nursing Program Prerequisites
All applicants to the VATNP must have completed high school Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra. If any or all of these classes were not taken and successfully passed with a “C” or above, they may be taken at any of the three colleges involved with the VATNP.


  Graduation from high school or satisfactory completion of the GED.

  The completion of one unit each of algebra, general biology with laboratory, and chemistry with no grade below a “C” before application to the program (deficiencies can be made up through developmental studies or college courses).

  A 2.5 grade point average (GPA) for high school courses** or a 2.5 curricular GPA for college coursework.

  College students must be in good standing with the most recently attended institution with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

  Completion of Nursing Application to VHCC, SWCC or MECC by the date indicated in the college’s catalog for each academic year interested in being considered for the Nursing Program.

  Satisfactory performance (national percentile score of 45 or higher) on a nursing pre-admission test. An interview with a faculty member may be requested by the student.

  Completion of college placement tests and prescribed developmental work.

**If the student has completed a minimum of 12 college credits that are included in calculating the curricular GPA (non-development courses), the 2.5 high school GPA requirement will be waived.

Nursing Entrance Test:
A nursing entrance test is required for admission to the nursing program. This is a general, comprehensive assessment tool which can predict an individual’s readiness and capability for successful completion of an educational program designed to prepare registered nurses. The test is used to determine placement in the program and to plan curriculum to meet the academic and social skills of the nursing applicants. Your college will notify the applicant with details about test administration after the application deadline. Only those applicants who have completed the first 5 steps of the application process will be invited to take the nursing entrance test. The required fee must be paid on-line through the testing website prior to taking the test. 

LPN to RN Program Applicants:
Students who are Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) must present proof of licensure as an LPN and have met all prerequisites according to the current college catalog.

Transfer Students:
Transfer students into the program will be individually evaluated as to appropriate placement into the nursing program.

For more information contact the Office of Admissions for the community college you wish to attend.
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