Employee Directory

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Receptionist/Switchboard(276) 739-2523
Ringley, GaryAdjunct Faculty - Geography
Russell, KayAdjunct Faculty - MathAdjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Rutledge, LynnAdjunct InstructorAdjunct Faculty, Information Systems Technology
Redman, LynnAdjunct InstructorNurse Aide(276) 739-2430
Ringley, GaryAdjunct Instructor - Geography
Rhea, AdamComputer Technology SpecialistIT Services (276) 739-2446
Rudy, JoelCoordinator of Library ServicesLibrary(276) 739-2512
Robbins, AmandaInstructor of NursingNursing(276) 526-2400 ext. 425
Rowe, SharonOffice Manager(276) 739-2457
Ratcliffe, Ella Office ManagerExcel , Upward Bound(276) 739-2564
Ratcliffe, Ella Office ManagerExcel , Upward Bound(276) 739-2479
Roberts, AliciaPractical Nursing FacultyNursing(276) 739-2549
Russell, Jeff Research/Assessment SpecialistInstitutional Research(276) 739-2491
Russell, RevaTesting Center SpecialistTesting Center(276) 739-2475