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Employee Directory

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Summit Center(276) 783-1777
Shelton, AngelNursing Faculty(276) 964-7582
Slaughter , Adriel Adjunct Instructor - PhilosophyAdjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Smith, AmyAdjunct Faculty - Health Adjunct Faculty, Health
Shaver, CrystalTesting Center AssistantTesting Center(276) 739-2476
Smith, DavidAssociate Professor of Mathematics and PhysicsMathematics, Physics(276) 739-2509
Smith, DouglasAdjunct Faculty - Religion
Sproles, GlenedaPayroll TechnicianHuman Resources & Payroll(276) 739-2530
Surber, HannahStudent Support SpecialistAdmissions , Campus Connection Center (CCC) , Financial Aid, Student Services(276) 739-2438
Spraker, JacobAdjunct Faculty - HistoryAdjunct Faculty, History(276) 620-9121
Stout, JanSNAP E&T Career CoachSNAP Grant (276) 739-2553
Surber, JohnAdjunct Faculty - GeologyAdjunct Faculty, Geology(276) 739-2433
Smith, KimberlyAssociate Professor of NursingNursing(276) 964-7303
Smith, KathyAdjunct InstructorAdjunct Faculty, Health Information Management(276) 739-2433
Spencer, Kayla Office Assistant, Buildings & GroundsBuildings and Grounds(276) 739-2477
Stephens, Katherine Assistant Professor of NursingNursing & Allied Health(276) 739-2484
Snead, MaryFinance ManagerBusiness Office, Financial Management(276) 739-2403
Shannon, SamanthaAdjunct Faculty - History
Smith, TimSimulation Lab Instructor(276) 739-2541