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Student Activity Fee Report

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July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

A Student Activity Fee of $2.00 per credit hour is required for all students registered for credit classes. The fee subsidizes student activities’ programming as well as cultural events including Arts Array/Film Series. VHCC students receive free admission to all of these events.  Student Activity Fee funds are spent within limits set through a budget prepared by the college administration and approved by the Local Board.

Revenue Collections for 2017-2018




At the end of each fiscal year, unspent funds are moved to a Student Activity Fee Reserve Account.  The Reserve Fund is then used to support the following year's budget with some funds being kept in reserve for special projects.

Reserve Fund July 1, 2017


Total Funds Available


Less: Expenditures


Reserve Fund Balance June 30, 2018






Expenditure Detail

Student Development Office: funds in this category are used to support student activities and events such as the Back to School Bash, Appalachian Festival, College Night, Town Forums, and VCCS student-sponsored events. Funds in this category are also used to support student organizations. During 2017-2018 funding for student organizations was as follows: $100 for Law Enforcement Club; $100 for Trees Disc Golf Club; $150 for Fellowship of Christian Students; $100 for Gaming Club.


Student Government Association: funds in this category are used to support attendance at state Leadership Conferences and SGA student activities.


Arts Array: Funds in this category are used to provide support for the College's program of performing arts.


Local Drama: Funds in this category are used to provide support for productions of the Theatre Department.


Music Department: Funds in this category are used to provide support for concerts and programs sponsored by the music department.  


Commencement: Funds in this category are used to cover expenditures associated with the annual commencement ceremony.


Diplomas: Funds in this category are used to purchase diplomas.


Student Wellness Program: Funds in this category are used to provide a student wellness program. This includes access to the Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center and the Bristol Family YMCA at reduced rates as well as funds for club sports and intramurals.