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Experiential Learning Workbook

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What is the purpose of the Experiential Learning Workbook?

The Experiential Learning Workbook is designed to assist students with their focus during their work-based learning experience. The workbook serves as the basis through which the student may set forth any identified objective(s) to be accomplished during the work-based learning experience. The Experiential Learning Workbook promotes development and maintenance of an accurate record of work hours and wages for co-op students. It will also set forth the rubric for which the evaluation of individual learning will be graded. It also works to enhance the quality of the VHCC Experiential Learning Program.

What are the steps for completing the Experiential Learning Workbook?

  1. Complete and verify the student data information on the outside front cover noting any changes to the Experiential Learning/Job Placement Coordinator or the Experiential Learning for Credit Program Leader. Make sure your student data matches the information provided in your Experiential Learning Program Application File and the Assumption of the Risk Form.
  2. Obtain approval for your work experience from all involved parties (Job Supervisor, Experiential Learning/Job Placement Coordinator, or the Faculty Co-op Advisor) by procuring their signatures on the Experiential Learning Job Placement Agreement.
  3. With assistance from the Experiential Learning/Job Placement Coordinator or your Faculty Co-op Advisor, generate your desired learning objectives on the Student’s Measurable Learning Objectives Form. Then, obtain the appropriate signatures.
  4. Within two (2) weeks after your work experience begins, make an appointment with the Experiential Learning/Job Placement Coordinator or your Faculty Co-op Advisor to review your completed Measurable Learning Objectives.
  5. Retain your Experiential Learning Workbook (DO NOT SEPARATE) while working toward accomplishing your Measureable Learning Objectives during the semester. Keep a daily accounting of hours and pay (except for On-Site Training) on the Student Time/Wage Report Form.
  6. For evaluation purposes, request your Job Supervisor to complete the following forms: Evaluation of Student’s Measurable Learning Objectives, Evaluation of Experiential Learning Student, and the Program of Study Assessment. The Job Supervisor should also verify your completed Student Time/Wage Report.
  7. Complete theStudent Self-Evaluation.
  8. Submit the completed Experiential Learning Workbook to your Faculty Co-op Advisor or the Experiential Learning/Job Placement Coordinator on or before the due date indicated on the Experiential Learning Time Line.


Download the Experiential Learning Workbook