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Virginia Highlands Community College has expanded options for distance learning courses by offering students the opportunity to enroll in Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL) courses through Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). Delivered via Blackboard, SSDL courses are online courses that can be taken any place where consistent internet connection is available. 

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Fall 2018 Semester
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Introductory Genetics
BIO 256-E05A • 4 credits • Zorin
Must be taken with LAB BIO 256-ES1A 

Beginning French 1
FRE 101-E06A • 4 credits • Delfosse

Beginning French 1
FRE 101-E50W • 4 credits • Livingstone

Intermediate French I
FRE 201-E06N • 3 credits • Holley

Beginning German I
GER 101-E05W • 4 credits • Nunes

Geographical Information Systems I
GIS 200-EJ01 • 3 credits • Aukland
Must be taken with GIS 200-EJ02.

Oceanography 1
GOL 111-E05L • 4 credits • Rowland
Must be taken with GOL 111-ES1L.

Oceanography II
GOL 112-E05L • 4 credits • Rowland
Must be taken with GOL 112-ES1L.

Introduction to Law and the Legal Assistant
LGL 110-EWNA • 3 credits • Thrower

NAS 125-E06L • 4 credits • Demko
Must be taken with NAS 125-EU1L.

Photography I
PHT 101-E05W • 3 credits • Gunhouse

Photography I
PHT 101-E60W • 3 credits • TBA

History of Photography
PHT 110-E60A • 3 credits • Booth

Introduction to Physics II
PHY 102-E20N • 4 credits • Carpio
Must be taken with PHY 102-ES1N.

Elements of Astronomy
PHY 150-E50A • 4 credits • Bunge
Must be taken with PHY 150-ET1A

General College Physics I
PHY 201-EVW1 • 4 credits • Wright
Must be taken with PHY 201-EVWL.

International Relations I
PLS 241-E05L • 3 credits • McKee

Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 201-E06A • 3 credits • Kahn

Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 202-E05N • 3 credits • Ruiz-Ross


Students can register for SSDL classes via myVHCC . Inquiries about specific class content should be addressed to the class instructor.  For more information contact Sharon Rowe at (276)739-2457 or email

Students enrolled in SSDL courses have access to all student support services provided by Virginia Highlands Community College and Northern Virginia Community College.

These services include:

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