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Shared Services Distance Learning - FAQ

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What is SSDL?
Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL) courses are VHCC courses offered in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). These courses allow students to earn VHCC credit while taking an online course with a NOVA instructor, as well as use the VHCC Testing Centers to take proctored tests for their SSDL courses. SSDL allows VHCC to offer students unique and specialized courses, such as Biotechnology, Chinese, Meteorology, Russian, and more.

How do I register for an SSDL course?
Before you can register for SSDL courses, you'll need to apply to VHCC online at . All SSDL classes will be listed with a section number that begins with NV (i.e. CHI 101 NV1B) in the schedule of classes. Log into the myVHCC portal, and complete the online registration process.

When must I pay for my classes?
You must pay all tuition and fees by the deadline outlined at VHCC Tuition and Fees.

An 'e-rate' is charged for SSDL courses and final charges are based on student residency. Visit the for details concerning VHCC payment procedures and tuition policies.

Where do I purchase or rent my books and materials?
We recommend that you purchase textbooks before the start of classes. Take a copy of your class schedule to the Bookstore, or order online at

Using financial aid?
You'll need to purchase books and materials during certain time periods. You'll need a photo ID and student ID number for your financial aid purchase.

How do I start the course once I am registered?
Your course will show in Blackboard on the first day of class. If a course is being modified, you may need to wait until the end of the first day of class before it appears in your Blackboard. Contact if you have questions or problems.

Why have I been dropped from my SSDL course?
Most often, students are dropped because of non-payment of all tuition and fees by the deadline. If you have questions about a dropped class, contact for more information.

Will I be notified if a class is canceled?
When a class is canceled, students will receive an e-mail through their VCCS e-mail account in myVHCC.

What is required of students enrolled in SSDL classes?
Students enrolled in SSDL courses must log into the Blackboard course via myVHCC and complete the first assignment by the due date to avoid being administratively withdrawn without a tuition refund. If you have questions concerning an administrative withdrawal or believe that you have been dropped in error, contact your instructor.

What is my start date?
Your start date is the official start date for the course and all other dates are based on it. For SSDL courses, this date does not necessarily correspond to campus start dates. The course beginning and ending dates show up in the schedule of classes.

How can I drop an SSDL class?
You can drop your class via myVHCC. If you wish to drop a class that you are auditing it must be processed by the Admissions and Records Office. No refunds will be granted after the first 15 percent of the semester. SSDL students who want to audit a class need to fill out a special form. Please contact Clayton Trout at for the form.

How can I withdraw from an SSDL class?
Students may withdraw from classes without academic penalty through the first 60 percent of the semester or term. Once again, it is your responsibility to use the dates sent by the VHCC liaison to determine this date and meet the necessary deadline. If you wish to withdraw from a class, you should complete a Drop/Add From. After all information on the form is complete, submit the form in person or by fax to the Student Success Center by the deadline. Students may also send an e-mail from their VCCS email account to providing their name, student ID# and class information, including course number and section. Students cannot withdraw from classes online in myVHCC.

Where do I take my Proctored Exams?
Students who sign up for SSDL courses through Virginia Highlands will take their proctored exams at the VHCC Testing Center at the Abingdon campus. Students who wish to take their exams at another VA community college or approved site will need to contact the VHCC Liaison.