Take 10

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10 Week Classes at VHCC


Virginia Highlands Community College is proud to offer Take 10, a series of 10-week general education courses that begin on February 14 and continue through the end of Spring Semester 2019. Each of these courses cover the same material as those offered in the semester-long format but are compressed to fit within the shorter time period.

These courses are a perfect choice for those who aren’t quite ready to get started when the regular semester begins or for students who decide to add a course after the regular semester has begun. And since they end at the same time as all other classes, they’re a good choice for those who plan to finish their coursework before the year ends.

Regular tuition rates apply. For additional information about these courses, please contact the VHCC Student Services at (276) 739-2438.

Please refer to the 10-week classes listed in the Spring 2019 schedule available at www.vhcc.edu/schedule for updated class sections and more details.

American Sign Language IV (ASL 202-20)
College Composition I (ENG 111-03)
College Composition I (ENG 111-41)
College Composition II (ENG 112-41)
Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) II (MTT   2-343)
Developmental Psychology (PSY 230-50)
Film Appreciation I (CST 151-01)
Fitness Walking (PED 117-50)
General Biology I (BIO 101-50)
General Biology I (BIO 101-L50)
General Biology II (BIO 102-50)
General Biology II (BIO 102-L50)
History of World Civilization II (HIS 112-50)
Information Literacy (ITE 119-42)
Int Philosophy (PHI 100-40)
MTT 1 Developmental Mathematics (Technology Based) I (MTT   1-343)
Music Appreciation II (MUS 122-40)
Orientation to College Success (SDV 101-42)
People and The Land (GEO 210-40)
Principles of Nutrition and Human Development (HLT 230-41)
Principles of Psychology (PSY 200-50)
Principles of Public Speaking (CST 100-40)
Principles of Sociology (SOC 200-50)
Religions of The World (REL 230-41)
Survey of English Literature I (ENG 243-40)
Survey of The Old Testament (REL 200-40)
Topics In - Engineering (EGR 295-01)
United States History I (HIS 121-50)
United States History II (HIS 122-50)
Yoga (PED 109-01)
Yoga (PED 109-02)