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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the deadline for accepting admission applications? 

Applications are accepted from September 1 to February 15.

How do I apply for the Nursing (RN) program?

Application information  is available on each colleges' website.  Please see the VATNP Admissions page for admission details.

Where are the Student Information, Physical and Immunization forms located?

All forms related to clinical agency requirements are located on the VATNP website on the Student Forms page 

What is CastleBranch?  

CastleBranch is the agency that the VATNP uses for background checks, drug screens, and clinical documentation tracking.  Each student is required to purchase a CastleBranch package.  Please see detailed information under CastleBranch on the Student Resources page.

What is the criminal background check?

A criminal background check is required by the Virginia Board of Nursing before being admitted to a nursing program.  A background check will be initiated upon purchase of a CastleBranch account.

 Why is there a requirement for physical and immunization forms?

Clinical agencies require that students comply with physical and immunization standards per agency guidelines.  Students must be compliant to participate in clinical activities.

How many students are accepted into the program every year?

Each college has seats for at least 50 students in Track 1, 10 in Track 3, and 10 in Tracks 2 and 4.

What are my options if I am not accepted into the program the first time?

You may reapply to the program during the next application period.

What is the TEAS test?

The VATNP uses the TEAS test (Test of Essential Academic Skills) for the nursing program entrance exam.  

Where can I find study resources for the TEAS test? (free site) (paid site) 
College libraries 

How will I know if I pass the TEAS?

TEAS scores are available to the student immediately after testing.  Students must achieve at least a 45th National Percentile Rank to be considered for the nursing program. Students can log into their ATI account at any time to access TEAS scores.

When can I take the TEAS examination? 

TEAS testing date registration information may be found on the website at each VATNP college. Please see the TEAS Testing link under VATNP Admissions.

How will I know I have been accepted into the Nursing (RN) program?

You will receive a letter in the mail if you are admitted to the program. Be patient, letters are typically sent in early April. 

How is the final decision made for admission? 

Applications to the VATNP are competitive.  Please see the VATNP Admissions page for more information.

How do I pay for the TEAS exam?  

Nursing applicants are responsible for registering for and purchasing the TEAS exam.  This is an online registration that requires a credit card for payment.

Is there a waiting list?

There is no waiting list for the program. If you are not accepted and wish to be considered for the next year, you must reapply to the program.

Will there be an orientation to the program?

Yes. Orientation is held in April or May. The orientation is mandatory and information related to date/time/location of orientation will be detailed in acceptance letters. 

Where will I buy my uniforms? 

Uniform information will be provided during orientation. Do not purchase any items until after orientation.

What is the total cost for the nursing program? 

An estimated program cost is available in the VATNP Student Handbook on the Student Resources page.

How many hours per week will I be in classes?

In-seat class time will vary. Students should typically plan on class or clinical commitments four days a week for Tracks 1 and 2. For students in Tracks 3 and 4, the typical schedule is class one evening a week and clinicals every other weekend.

Where will I do clinicals?

The VATNP has agreements with local healthcare agencies in the southwest Virginia/eastern Tennessee region for clinical rotations.  Students will be assigned to clinical sites by nursing faculty.

Will I get financial assistance to attend the nursing program?

Many students at community colleges receive financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid office at your college for information related to applying for financial aid.