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The #CollegeExpress offers free transportation to and from designated stops in Bristol, VA to Vilrginia Highlands Community College for VHCC Students. The service is available Mon-Thurs, allowing students to attend day classes. Space is limited to 40 students, so if you are enrolled at VHCC want to ride the #CollegeExpress please enroll TODAY!  Once you have enrolled, we will contact you and let know all the details of your individual transportation plan, including the location of your bus stop and the times for pick up and drop off.



  • Can every student at VHCC ride the #CollegeExpress?
  • Can I ride the #CollegeExpress to other places?
  • How much does it cost?
  • I am already at student at VHCC. How do I sign up?
  • I am taking a night class. Can I use the #CollegeExpress
  • I live in Abingdon. Can I ride the #CollegeExpress?
  • If I take the Abingdon Mountain Lynx Bus, can I still ride for free?
  • What days does the #CollegeExpress run?
  • What if I don't need to use the #CollegeExpress every day? Sometimes, I get a ride to VHCC with my friends.
  • What time will the bus pick me up?
  • What times does the #CollegeExpress arrive at VHCC in the morning?
  • What times does the #CollegeExpress leave at VHCC in the afternoon?
  • Where are the bus stops?
  • Will the bus pick me up at my house?
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