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Trees Disc Golf Club

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The Purpose of the VHCC Trees Disc Golf Club is to bring more people into the wonderful world of disc golf. Disc golf is an enjoyable game for many people regardless of skill level. For beginners we look to offer a chance of lessons and opportunities for them to learn how to play disc golf. For the more advanced players we also look to offer them a chance of improvement. Along with a chance to go out and enjoy the marvelous game of disc golf. We hope to reach the student body and offer a fun sport that will raise student spirits and activity levels. The purpose of our club hopes to reach further than just the student body however. We have aspirations of bringing the whole disc golf community of Southwest Virginia together. When all is said and done our purpose is disc golf. We are very passionate about this game and look forward to bringing the wonderful game to many people lives.

Contact Information
Advisor - Ben King
ISC 100C

We will be looking to host at least two tournaments per semester. The primary day the tournaments will be held is on Saturday. The first tournament per semester will be a singles tournament. These tournaments will be where each individual player plays for himself and by himself. The second tournament will be a doubles tournament. A tournament in doubles format means there will be two players on each team. These tournaments will have an entry fee; as well as prize(s) for the top competitors of the tournaments. Each tournament will consist of 18 holes. Whether it be by playing our course twice, or using a custom set up made and established by the VHCC Trees Disc Golf Club.

First and third Thursday of every month; at 2 p.m.
Further meetings will be announced and posted on the VHCC Website, Blackboard site, and Hall Monitors.

Memberships Requirements
Membership will be open to any and all students of Virginia Highlands Community College. Membership will also be open to all VHCC Alumni.


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