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Wolves on Wheels

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BMX and Skate Club

The clubs purpose is to establish a foundation for BMX and skateboarding in our community.  It is a passion for the people that enjoy it.  A way to make friends with concurring individuals in different areas.  A way to express themselves, gain confidence, strengthen their bodies, and perform an art with a community of people.  This street style riding based club is to organize practices, film, photograph, travel to skate parks, and over all further each other’s skill level.  This club will be open to beginners wanting to learn.  The point in organizing a club is to widen the skate/BMX community.  The club will attempt to attract outside and potential students who love these sports to attend classes with Virginia Highlands Community College.  The club will motivate its members to do better in school.  The club will organize competitions and work with local businesses.  

Contact Information
Advisor - Stacey Dorton  
ISC 100 E

State and Local Campaign Issues, Community Volunteer Projects, Student Polls, Voter Registration

Meetings for the club will be held at the college (VHCC) on the first Tuesday of every month.  There will be ride sessions held once a week.  Dates determined a week prior to the meeting at rotary park skate park.

Memberships Requirements
The club will be open to all potential members in the community.  A bike or skateboard is encouraged but not required.  Club leaders will try to acquire these items so a donation is welcomed of course.  Participation in all previously listed is required.  Violating VHCC code of conduct or breaking the law will institute membership suspension until being reviewed by peers. All members must have a waiver signed before participating in the club activities.

The only dues would be the game of skate that will help fund the club.  There will be at least four games of s.k.a.t.e a semester.  A minimum of 4 dollars to play, but more donation is encouraged.

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