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Learn more about the CARES Act Grants for Eligible students.

Student FAQs

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We’ve compiled the following frequently asked questions to help address common concerns. For ease, we’ve organized the questions by topic. If you have a question that is not addressed, please email


Will VHCC students receive CARES Act assistance?
What is the Emergency Grading System for Spring 2020?
Is the campus closed to students and visitors now that VHCC’s not having classes on campus?
Are all campus-sponsored, non-academic events cancelled? If so, for how long?
Will the May graduation and pinning ceremonies be rescheduled?
How will I register for summer and/or fall 2020 classes?
Can I still apply to be a new student at VHCC?
What is the tuition refund policy?
How do I turn in required documents if the offices are closed?
I am feeling anxious and nervous about COVID-19? Are there any resources to help me?


How do I take my Placement Test?
How do I take my HOAE test for the Medical Assisting Program?
I have transfer questions amid the COVID-19 pandemic?
Will I have access to the Library and the Testing Center?
How do I take the TEAS for the RN and LPN program?
What if I have a specific question related to the nursing or other allied health programs?
Are services available at the MARC?
What if I am a high school student in a dual-enrollment course?
Is the bookstore open?
Will The Phil Station be open?
If you need accommodations for remote learning.
Military and Veteran Affiliated Students.
How do I return a rented textbook?


Will I still get my financial aid for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020?
How long will work studies continue to get paid during the COVID-19 event?
What do I do if I need to talk to someone in Financial Aid?
What is the tuition refund policy?
I specifically signed up for an in-person class and have concerns about alternative delivery methods for learning. If I drop the class now after the census date, will I be able to receive a refund?


What should I do if I don’t have the necessary computer equipment or internet access to participate in my online class?
I don’t know how to navigate Canvas. What should I do?
I can’t get logged in to myVHCC. Can you help me?
Are there any resources to help me get Internet access?
Will the Internet become overloaded with everyone working from home?


What is the status of Workforce Fast Forward/Continuing Education classes at this time?
Is distance learning or alternative delivery an option for Workforce Training classes?
When will training resume and how will I be notified?
Can I withdraw from a training program and receive a refund of tuition for a class which was scheduled to start on or after March 16?
Can I withdraw from a training program and receive a refund of tuition for a class which had started prior to March 16, but for which less than 50% of the training had been completed by March 16?
What if I have other questions or concerns regarding Workforce Training and/or Continuing Education at VHCC?